Friday, May 31

Time for Me, And Restorative Time ........5/31/13

        Good evening,

Today was a good day.  I'm working this weekend, so I took today off.  Was I tired, napping several times.  The Bay Area is delighting in fabulous weather in the 70's, with no humidity.

An Intensely Good Day

       Yesterday was intense, but intensely good---but draining, nonetheless.  I once worked, teaching chess theory at a federal penitentiary.   Sometimes, at the end of a class, I'd
play five games simultaneously.  Mind challenging, it was, but fun.

       Thursday was similar.  Each client had different challenges, requiring varying approaches as we looked at alternatives to overcoming problems.  Each occasion required using different tools.

The Need for Must Haves

        With one, we inventoried a list of must haves and can't stands this person has in his relationships.  He didn't have any, previously. I mentioned to him, that if we aim at nothing, that's exactly what we get. How do we know when someone is violating our boundaries, if we don't know what ours are? That problem was solved yesterday.

        With another client, we role played, using non-violent communication, practicing how to express our needs without using blame, shame, fear, guilt or judgment.  With two clients, we discussed ways of overcoming passivity, abuse, and dealing with manipulators---victimizers.  One session involved setting up goals for how this client will use free time he has this summer.

       When my visits were over, I set aside time for me.  I made a list of priorities for the remainder of the day.  First, was prayer---time alone with God.  It refreshed me, helping me find my bearings and allowed my spirit to decompress.  Secondly, I made nine business calls, even though exhausted.  In spite of being good at them, talking on the phone wears me out.

        I rewarded my diligence by cycling ten miles after work, for a total of sixteen miles (25.75 km.), all told, by the end of the day.  I feel much better after discharging tension, the results of a good, but busy day at work.  I rode 387 miles (623 km.) in May.

My Gratitudes: 
1.  I slowed down.  My mind was relieved as I dozed and napped today.  I appreciate rest and taking care of my physical well-being.
2. I was "loved on" quite a bit the past few weeks.  I'm thankful for those who are incarnational ambassadors of God's love for me.  It's fantastic the amazingly warm, accepting, supportive relationships I have with others.

Practical Time: A Tonic For a Guy Who Is In His Mind A Lot
3. I made time to work on my bike, which is always a nice change of pace.

       Using wrenches, bolts, washers elbow grease, and glasses,  I made adjustments to my rack.   I had to: my pannier fell off into the street twice, yesterday, on my way to work and during my ten mile ride.   It probably didn't help that I jumped off of curbs with it fully loaded.  It wasn't designed to be treated that way.
     I have more peace of mind, after adjusting my rack.  The pannier is likely to stay with my bicycle, now.  I tilted the rack more forward, it was leaning backwards.

Restorative Time
      I studied today.  I'm always happy when I find my life improving, learning things that help me understand and enjoy it more.  That happened today.

      I read material about the nature of redemptive time----time that heals and restores the fissures within us, those areas where we are vulnerable, due to past abuse, be it physical, mental or emotional.  I was reminded how we can have time that heals.  It was good re-learning that we can influence any "past" aspect of ourselves now.  In the present, we can reach the hurting, lonely child of our past.

      I also reviewed what allows us to have good versus bad endurance.  It was encouraging reading that we can actually make our past different.   However, this is not something we can accomplish alone. Healing takes place when we have grace-giving relationships with others and we demonstrate grace, kindness towards our vulnerable self and the areas where we struggle.

How About You? 
How have you done something that nurtures you, lately?  I've told you what I did to take care of me. 

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