Friday, May 10

Slowing Down ......5/10/13

   Good evening,

I'm exhausted.  I've had a long week. I'm dashing off my gratitudes before dozing away.

My Gratitudes: 
1.  I saw a movie tonight.  I went with friends. The fun part was that we saw it for free, along with popcorn and drinks.  It was great, slowing down, taking a break from the demands faced the past six days.
2.  I'm going to bed after penning this.  Balance---letting my body recuperate from the stress that accumulated this week---allows my body to thrive, rest and enjoy ease and peace of mind.
3.  I plan on filing this weekend.  The greater clarity I have when tackling paperwork, is appreciated.

How About You? 
What are your three gratitudes for today? I'd love hearing them. When you do, it contributes to the community we share here.

    Good night, I'll talk with you tomorrow, when I'm not so tired.


Carl H said...

Dear Innkeeper,

Glad to hear you were able to slow down, take in the movies, and relax. If anyone deserves some down-time... "me-time serenity" its our resident wordsmith and gifted healer of body, mind and soul; our Innkeeper!

On this Saturday eve of Mother's Day I am grateful for;

1. Being proactive this morning with a work/life balance choice that made the rest of my "day off" truly a care-free day off!

2. Spending the day with my exceptional wife of 31 years and forever mother of our four adult sons, doing early, pre-Mother's Day things. We brought flowers and cheese-cake to my 89 year old Mom and my wife served her lunch while I did her weekly grocery shopping. Of course, I forgot to bring her card, but will mail it; something to look forward to!

(Driving over the hills and through the tunnel from 86 degree Walnut Creek to 66 degree, wind-swept Emeryville...)

3. Being able to sneak into a Michelin-star rated, white table-cloth, wait-persons in white shirt, ties and vest, Chinese Dim Sum restaurant near the Emeryville Marina at precisely lunch closing time; 2:30 PM, in Hawaiian Shirt and Shorts (not exactly dress-code, even for CA - I kept trying to cover my bare legs with the tablecloth!)and being seated and served a delicious meal for under $40.00! WOW! What an unexpected blessing - treat! On top of this, we were seated by the window watching the afternoon SF Bay fog roll in and envelope the Golden Gate Bridge, the SF skyline and Alcatraz Island!

4. Harvesting some ripe, backyard, Loquat fruit, which our Asian friends are crazy about, after a generous late-afternoon nap...

5. Getting ready to watch a movie about FDR at Hyde Park and dessert on Green Tea and Mango Haagan-Daz Ice Cream.

Pablo said...

Dear Carl,

I appreciate the company you provide. This place would be rather lonesome, without your regular contributions. I'm sorry for being so late in replying.

It's been great,knowing you better, as a result of your writings, here.

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