Saturday, June 1

The Healing Power of Acceptance

         How was your day?

Mine was excellent.  Can't complain, although I could about my baseball team, the San Francisco Giants. They are in a deep funk. But, it's a long season and the team is only 1.5 games behind first place, in their division.

        Fear was confronted today.  It grew as the night progressed.  My adult self faced the terror-inducing issue, taking action.  The outcome wasn't as bad as anticipated.  It was hard on my emotions, but now I'm relieved.

        About the good part of today.  I'm loving what I'm studying.  I've been reviewing how we get healing, especially in the troublesome, sensitive areas of our lives.  Acceptance is key.

        But, its's not the acceptance you probably are imagining.  Yes, it's vital, coming to terms with areas needing growth. This is the classical understanding of this acceptance.  But, there's another part that is just as essential.

        It is acceptance from loving others, those who help us live in redemptive time.  Nowadays we call redemptive time recovery.  This is living, in the present, with grace and truth. When we are lovingly supported by healthy, nurturing, affirming others.  We experience healing.

       That happened a week ago today, not only for me, but for everyone who attended my birthday celebration.  There was mirth, laughter, smiles. There was also plenty of healing, something we didn't expect at a birthday party, but there it was, a Gift from the Giver.

       I wrote more, but my computer acted up and erased what I wrote. I'll try again, tomorrow. I'm tired, I'll see you then. 


Carl H said...

Dear Innkeeper,

On this chilly, breezy, Monday-in-early summer night, I am grateful for...

1. The the gift of clarity resulting from a needed, after-work session with our financial planner.

2. The inspiration to talk myself out of napping or couch-potato-ing to walk laps around the house and do some stair-step exercising before losing the glow of dusk to the night.

3. Healing relationships at work through humility, appreciation and gratitude.

4. Our #3 Son embarking on his new life with roommates in S.F. as he prepares to tackle life on his own terms and his senior year of college (again).

Pablo said...

Dear Carl,

Kudos to you, you are taking care of yourself. It always provides ease and emotional safety, when we get clarity about our resources.

You must be happy, seeing your recovery at work, in how you relate with co-workers. I'm happy you are enjoying the fruits of your hard work in this area.

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