Saturday, June 29

My Highs and Lows for This Week

   Here it is. It's Saturday. What do we do on this day? Yep, we share our high and low points for the past week. Here are some of mine:

High Points: 
1.  I did not allow someone to
startle me when he was verbally and emotionally abusive.
2.  I had a great time with someone I mentor. We arrived at an understanding.
3.  I met with friends on Wednesday. The community enjoyed was exceptional, meeting my need for connection and celebrating life.
4.  I'm relating with individuals who lack integrity and honesty. I'm glad I'm taking the circumstances one day at a time, not letting the behavior of others to distract me from the joy I can have this day.
5.  I heard a speaker tonight who was honest, authentic and vulnerable about areas where she needed to grow.
6.  Several friends and I shared dinner, along with the crowd who came to hear tonight's speaker.  Change of routine does wonders for the soul.
7.  Tomorrow, I'll see friends I haven't seen in a year.  A friend and I will ride from Alameda to San Leandro to see them.
8.  Last night, I had fun. I was with a crowd of people on a warm evening. I took in music, the stars and danced. My, it was fun.
9.  I'm glad reconnecting with friends I haven't seen in a long time. I even wrote a letter today, following up a conversation I had with one of them.
10. I love the sessions I have with clients. I so enjoy the work I do. Making my life count while serving others makes me happy.

Low Points:
1.  It's no fun relating with people who lack integrity.
2.  I'd rather not relate with an emotional bully. (See number one in my high points.)
3.  I have not cycled as much as I'd like, this week. It's helps me to discharge stress.
4.  My laptop has been bugged with an adware virus.
5.  The local library is amazingly kind to me, providing with help that is way beyond I ever expected.

How About You? 
 Let me hear your highs and lows for the past week.  


Loredana Donovan said...

Happy Sunday, Pablo :)

Vanessa Higgins said...

Highs were standing up for myself to my abusive ex-hausband and standing up for a friend. Another high was meeting new people, new angels floating along in this place we call Earth.

Lows were having my ex send me evil messages. I just ignored them. Another low was only getting 3.5 hours of sleep. It wore me out pretty bad.

Optimistic Existentialist said...

My highs were an amazing weekend with my love. My only real low was a disagreement with a coworker but it smoothed itself out eventually.

Pablo said...

Hello Loredana,

So good to see you. I had a marvelous Sunday. I rode for 33 miles on my bike, most of my time was shared with a friend.

Here's wishing you a terrific week!

Please come by again.

Pablo said...


I'm sorry to hear about your difficult time with your ex. It must have been frustrating, his inability to relate compassionately. manner.

I'm glad hearing you're developing your supportive network. That must be satisfying---you'll find the harmony you seek, there.

Try riding your bike again, it may help with your sleep. You have my prayers.

The Innkeeper

Pablo said...


You lucky guy! What did you like best about your time with your special someone?

How did the conflict at work get resolved?

I enjoy the positivity you bring, when you visit this inn. Thank you for dropping by as much as you do!

Theresa Elander said...

My highs for the week.

I had a lovely time with good friends. Catching up, sharing good food, and planning an herb trip to the Sierra.

I had an amazing sunny day of biking with a friend. We peddled through green ways, loaded with lots of beautiful herbs. We took in an intense movie, and and shared other adventures along the way. It was a lovely, full day.

The lows for the week.

I am experiencing some uncomfortable, previously stuck, feelings that are coming up. I'm trying to stay present, as opposed to stuffing or running. Good for me.

Pablo said...


I'm glad you had a bonding time with friends. That biking companion sounds charming! ;->

What can you do, as you stay present, trying to handle your "stuck" feelings?

A curious innkeeper

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