Wednesday, June 26

Enjoying Community and Thriving, In Hot Weather 6/26/13

       Here I am.  It's almost that time, the witching hour, when the day changes it's name.  The weather has been sticky, which is unusual for this neck of the woods.  Normally we don't have
humidity.  Ugh, my hat is off to you who suffer from it all the time.

       My day was varied, fun, enjoyable, filled with love, laughter and insight.  I took care of errands, working a split shift today.  Work sandwiched a time in the sun, cycling with a friend.  The sun baked us a bit.  I didn't have my pannier which carries my books, was I glad.

       My companion and I stopped at the tip of peninsular outcropping that extends from Crab Cove.  At one time, this spit of land had a roller coaster that pushed its riders, to the edge of the bay, threatening to toss them in it.  We sat and took in the panoramic expanse that stretched from San Francisco to San Mateo, admiring the starlings, seagulls and cormorants that hovered over the bay waters.

       We rode for 8.5 miles as I had limited time.  I needed to get home, shower and get ready for an appointment. I nurtured the kid in me, letting him out. The younger me expressed his energy as we cycled in the Island City.

Another Victorian in Alameda. Did  you know that this
city has the most Victorians in the U.S., per capita? 
My Gratitudes: 
1.  I spent time in nature.  Often, because of the work I do, I can't. Today was a fantastic exception. I'm happy that I was able to thrive, celebrating in life, nature and companionship.
2.  I enjoyed the refrigerator chilled cherries we downed while almost sitting on the dock of the bay.  They went well with the scorching weather---it was in the eighties. That's hot for over here.
3.  The weather was intense, but we had a lovely time as we rolled beneath the canopy of tree-lined streets in Alameda, especially on Alameda Avenue.
The streets of Alameda
4.  I had a clearing of the air with someone who had not done work he was supposed to do, before we had our appointment, last week.
5.  I appreciate maintaining my integrity, when addressing a problem with another.  I happier when such moments are balanced with grace, kindness and courtesy.  And so it was.  There's no need to twist the knife in another, using guilt or shame, when confronting an issue.
6.  Last night, Tuesday, someone became agitated and yelled when I asked for fairness.  I'm glad I responded and didn't react.  I told him our conversation deserved dignity and we would talk when it did.

     I'm happy  I did not allow this person to rob me of the joy I know.  I looked at him as if he was emotionally fevered.  This perspective allows me to not take it personally.
7.  Tonight, I gathered with friends.

     The time was amazing.  I was happy the place had a working ceiling fan and was grateful for opened windows. The cool air of the Bay Area, brought in when the coastal fog rolls in, was a relief.

     Everyone  spoke heart-felt insights.  It was great seeing others self-expressing.  This group values everyone's comments, offering loving support.  I'm happy when authenticity, and vulnerability is demonstrated among a gathering of friends.

How About You?
What are your three gratitudes for today?

   I'm tired and heading for bed.  Goodnight. May your day today be filled with gratitude and may you experience the desires of your heart. 


Vanessa Higgins said...

My gratitudes.

Finally getting to pray again. I sing when I pray, it feels good.

Feeling important and smart and needed at work. Oh work, it's been so long!

Meeting a girl who dated my husband. She saw his evil side too. I wasn't making it up!!!

Carl H said...

Dear Innkeeper,

On this finally cooling hot summer eve, I am grateful...

1. My wife and I could agree to escape the disjointed convolutions of "Cloud Atlas," just in time, to harvest some ripe, backyard apricots and plums for friends, in the fading light of dusk. No offense to Tom Hanks and Halle Berry, but way too "out there" for our linear, common-sensibilities.

2. For an overdue and most meaningful discussion with my mentor last night, and rich and moving sharing among a loving circle of friends.

3. For the gentle reminder to say actively engaged in ongoing discourse with those wiser; more seasoned in the healing arts, who have come before me.

4. I could listen yet again today to Father Tim's CD on "Helplessness Du Jour;" at once moving, enlightening and humorous. I highly recommend giving him a listen!

Theresa Elander said...

I am grateful for friends who share my life. They love me, support me and teach me. I am so very blessed.

Taking time in my yard at the end of this warm day and watching the plants respond to the cool water. I feel grateful to be in such close communion with nature. What a healing gift.

I am grateful I have time to breath, to feel, and take in my life.

Pablo said...

Dear Vanessa,

Thank you, for gratitudes. You are the first commenter in a grand slam posting, containing four sets of gratitudes, mine and that of three readers, a first! Can you imagine if this inn had more moments like these?

Gratitude is critical for our attitude and growth. It sets in motion many good things. Thanks for your example, and that of Carl and Theresa, who also share their thankfulness.

Hey, I haven't thought of singing my prayers. I like your suggestion. You must feel good, enjoying your job. Does it meet your need for effectiveness and competency?

I appreciate your visits to the inn. You add to this place when you drop by. Let's Skype. Please, e-mail me possible times that work for you.

Pablo said...


What a well-written set of gratitudes. I appreciate how well you express yourself---it meets my need for hearing needs stated clearly.

Please share how readers and the innkeeper can get access to Father Tim's CDs. They sound a like a good source for gratitudes.

Thank you, for contributing to this historic posting, where we we have more declarations of thanks than ever before: seventeen, counting mine and those posted here, in the comments. Ya ay!

Pablo said...

Dear Theresa,

Can you share just one things you've learned from those who support and teach you? It would help me better understand how you've been blessed, if you don't mind.

I find tending to plants a terrific time of healing. It slows us down, which is usually always a good thing.

Thank you, for dropping by, reading and commenting!

Broken said...

Dear Pablo,

I'm finally back! I missed reading your posts and I absolutely love the photos of Alameda,it looks like a beautiful place:)

Today,I'm grateful that all of my exams are finally over,that I have now graduated from high school and am having the time to just read,write and watch movies :)

Jenean said...

Hi Pablo, Your Inn is truly retreat from the daily rush & madness of life. It is a beautiful sanctuary of peace and calm. I enjoyed reading the posts, especially about your little friend Alexander, so touching. Thank you for sharing and caring so much about others.

Pablo said...

Dear Broken,

How wonderful, having you visit the inn. This world would be a better place if there were more like you. Really. Thank you for dropping by!

You must be happy, having time to relax, being freed from the pressure of school. I love the town where I live. It's a calm place and it's fun living on an island.

I appreciate your gratitudes. That makes twenty for this post----a record. What are a few of your favorite flicks? Do you have plans for this summer? Expect something in your mail.

Thank you, for your kind words.

Pablo said...

Hi Jenean,

What a wonderful surprise, finding you here. Welcome! I'm glad this inn meets your need for serenity and tranquility. My goal is for this cozy place in cyberspace to be a respite from the dangers and pressures we experience in everyday living.

Thank you, for your encouragement. Let me know how I can make your stay here even better. It's good getting to know you. I'm wishing you abundance, health and a lovely summer.

The Innkeeper

Theresa Elander said...

The Inn Keeper asked what I have learned from those who support and teach me.

#1. I have learned to be kinder and gentler with myself. I have had a very harsh and critical inner voice. Not so fun for my inner child.

#2. I've learned that recovery takes time and attention, grace and truth. There is no quick fix. Darn.

#3. Not caving to what others want just to keep them happy. But, actually learning about self respect and valuing my own feelings and opinions.

Good Stuff.

Pablo said...

Dear Theresa,

Those are big lessons. Impressive. I certainly hear echoes of Henry Cloud when you write about grace, truth and time.

Thank you, for your answers. Your awareness about taking care of self will serve you in good stead. I wish you great fulfillment in you journey towards personal growth!

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