Sunday, June 9

A Scene Painted By Nature ...........6/9/13

         I'm tired---worn out after seeing three clients.  I'm heading for bed after writing this.   I worked and cycled today.  But, I'm happy.  My baseball team, the San Francisco Giants, won today, one-and-a-half games out of first place.  They had been struggling.

         It was blustery as I cycled home, after work.  The sleeves to my windbreaker flapped in the breeze, sounding like a kite as the wind filled my ears with its roar.  Gearing down, I pressed headlong into
the northwesterly gusts, I was slowed down to 10 mph, compared to my normal rate of 15 mph.

        Riding along San Leandro Bay, homeward bound, is the most scenic route.  Having time alone, especially after seeing people, recharges my batteries, allowing me to thrive.  Time in nature allows me to celebrate life, and the world, and its wonders.

         Despite the strongly moving wind, the scene that engulfed me was still.  Birds were not in abundance.  There was the occasional robin or egret, but no ducks or geese.  During one of my pauses----as I stopped and admired the beauty of the bay---a blackhawk, with white feathers underneath his wings, paused, dead still, above me.  His silent, ominous, greeting inspired awe.

         With outstretched wings, he was motionless, facing the Pacific winds----painted into the sky, framed by the abundance of clouds.  No hovering kite could match his majesty.  I was glad not to be a mouse or small bird.
My Gratitudes for Today: 
1.  This morning, I had several hours of Quiet time. For more about about different ways of having this type of time, you can read here.  I invested in me.  I'm recharged when I rescued from the white noise of busy urban living and regain my bearings.
2.  I'm thankful for surge of Russian, German, Canadian and Ukrainian guests. Thank you, for dropping by regularly.  I also appreciate my largest readership, over 4,000 from the United States, in the past 30 days.
3.  The beauty of music. This morning, I listened to Handel.  My soul was refreshed.
4.  I'm sleeping better, having dreams that I remember, upon waking.  That's not usually the case.
5.  I appreciate the  personal strength, direction and integrity I have when placing principles above personalities, including mine.  More importantly, I thank God for the serenity that nurtures me when I stay in the moment, breathe in life and maintain balance----giving myself time to be and not be with others.

     Good night, I'll see you tomorrow. 


Carl H said...

Dear Innkeeper,

Tonight I am grateful for;

1. Embracing unexpected Monday challenges (a 3+ hour, urgently needed, round-trip delivery) at work so I can seize, claim and ultimately own the day; at its end. After 12 hours, it feels good to know you've done all you can.

2. Gaining a second wind once home to walk laps up and down the stairs that circle our home's front and back yard. Even found some energy for a bit of couples yard work, that included lawn furniture rearranging and mowing!

3. The unexpected visit of a very sweet gal-pal friend of our sons from their parochial co-ed boarding (high school) school days. She is now interning at Calaveras Big Trees State, Park and visiting old Bay Area friends on her days off.

4. My interfaith activist friends reminder to prepare and disseminate a meeting agenda for the one I won't be there to lead tomorrow night at The Blue Danube!

5. My Polish wife's homemade chicken soup with sourdough toast; a simple but hearty cold evening meal.

Carl H said...

Dear Innkeeper (again),

I love this that touches on Gratitude, and wanted to put it out there...

"What Am I Doing With What I've Got?" September 9, page 253, from the daily reader, One Day at a Time in Al-Anon...

"Here's an eye-opening, mind-opening question to ask myself: What am I doing with what I've got? Instead of crying over what I don't have, and wishing my life were different, what am I doing with what I've got?

Am I so sure I'm doing everything possible to make my life a success? Am I using my capabilities well? Do I recognize and appreciate all I have to be GRATEFUL for?

Actually I am the possessor of unlimited resources. The more I do with them, the more they will grow, to overshadow and cancel out the difficult and painful aspects that now get so much of my attention.

Today's Reminder;

Isn't my life full of potential good that I'm not using? Couldn't I bring it to fruition by changing my attitude? As a beginning, I will apply liberal amounts of GRATITUDE for even my littlest advantages and pleasures. When I build on this precious foundation of present, tangible good... things will continue to change for the beter.

"God, make me GRATEFUL for all the good things I have been taking for granted."

Pablo said...

Dear Carl,

It always helps me to remember, that my best for today is good enough.

I'm impressed with your perseverance, my friend. You are the oldest teenager I know!

Thank you, for your many contributions to this place of positivity. Your posts reveal we can be happy, regardless of our circumstances. Thank you for your persistent Attitude of Gratitude!

A grateful innkeeper.

Pablo said...


Your second comment is a terrific encouragement. It reveals the source of your positivity. Thank you, for sharing it, along with citing your reference.

What has been your high point for the past seven days?

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