Wednesday, June 5

A Rich Life

          Good evening,

How are you?  I'd love hearing from you.  Yes, you.  There are many Silent Readers who drop by and then go on with the rest of their day.  We've had 1,200 guests to his inn, in the past five days.   It's been a little chilly, lately.  Let me know if
I need to turn up the heat in your room.

           Life is great.  I'm a lucky guy.  Tonight, I was with fourteen friends.  A good time was had.  I was surprised seeing two women this evening.  I had no clue they'd attend.  Even better, what they shared was heartwarming;  I was happy knowing their perspective more clearly.

           I placed my first Easter Egg link today, in a previous post.  It was fun.  They'll be one in this entry, too.

           I'm worn out.  Yep, pooped.  I did errands today and it got physical.   Good for my body.  A new client came on board today.  Lately, I'm finding many in need of marital counseling, like her.  Wow, this woman and I got right into her dilemma, immediately.

           Early in the evening---before meeting the group of friends----someone needed help.  Expressing deeply held personal values, he wanted to do.  Moved to tears, he tentatively and fearfully unveiled parts of his life he cherishes highly.

          The conversation transformed in an intriguing way.  The outcome was revealing parts of my education and training I never shared before.  A rich time of openness and dialog followed.  It's fulfilling when connecting with others, where we respect one another, even if we see things differently.

My Gratitudes for Today: 
1.  I heard from someone who had confused me.  She had disappeared. Her voice message left on my phone cleared up the confusion I had.  I am always grateful for clarity, communication and developing a better connection with others and I'm glad I didn't react, I responded with grace, while in limbo.
2.  I had a lot of work to do.  I got it done.  This involved work other than the sessions I do.  I was relentless in tackling priorities.
3.   An unexpected, early Father's Day gift I received today  And it is terrific.  I was amazed at the thoughtfulness of the giver.  It's a folding multi-use cart that allows me to carry my pannier from my bike to wherever I'm going, once I park it. My pannier usually has more than 15 books and many folders and binders, weighing more than 30 lbs.  Am I happy to have it, so is my back.
4.  I spoke tonight.  I always enjoy it, when I do. It creates an aliveness within me when I do. It also provided a moment to self-express.

How About You? 
What are three gratitudes you have?


Optimistic Existentialist said...

My three gratitudes for today are:

1. My girlfriend Lisa and I shared our 5 month anniversary recently

2. My job has been going wonderful and I am very happy to work there

3. My Red's have the second best record in baseball :)

Pablo said...

Hey Keith,

Wonderful news about the girlfriend! What are you enjoying the most about your relationship with her?

But, please don't rub it in, how well the Reds are doing, my Giants have been struggling. (Just kidding)

You are lucky to have a job you love. Hope you are enjoying lovely weather and get a chance to go hiking, again, soon.

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