Tuesday, June 25

Processionary Caterpillars, Having a Spiritual Awakening

        Today, I'm attending a meeting.  At one time, I went to many.  Not so, now.  Life's demands, make it imperative for me to have time alone.  (Mind you, I'm with people all the time.  If you have been isolating, it may be that God wants you connecting with others---pronto.)

       What a joy it is
breathing in life, calmly, delighting in its glorious wonder.  This can not happen when living frantically.   Our American sensibilities, often equates busyness with productivity or success.

       I disagree.

Learning from Processionary Caterpillars

    Imagine having an empty flower pot.  Now, place seeds that processionary caterpillars love eating, inside. These critters would walk around and around and around---following one another.  They would circle the pot, forever, eventually dying from starvation.  Mind you, the nourishment needed was less than a quarter of an inch away, inside the ceramic container.

     It's easy being like a hairy slug-looking insect, mistaking activity for accomplishment.  Effectiveness has to precede efficiency.  Doing a task right, isn't the issue.  Doing the right task, is.  People who succeed, have goals, knowing their priorities.

     Appreciating the little things of life and nature, allowing time for my spirit to express itself, making nutritious, delicious meals that require time, and getting into the Zen of preparing it, is taking care of me.

     Listening to music I love, engaging in intimate, authentic conversations with my Safe and Balcony People nurtures me.

     Doing what it takes, so that I can sleep more than seven hours contributes to my soul drinking in sanity and serenity.

     Living by helpful principles, exercising boundaries----abiding by them, even when pressured to do otherwise by unpleasant, bullying, demanding people and narcissists, is loving and caring for yours truly.

A Spiritual Awakening

     Staying focus, less crises and obsessing and delighting in inner peace is a spiritual awakening.  No, being spiritual isn't feeling superior to others or wearing a halo of self-righteousness.  Living fully is seizing the joys the day offers while being practical and responsible, too.  A spiritual awakening involves enjoying the beauty of living in the here and now, not tinctured with bitterness, fear or self-loathing.

      It is sharing life with emotionally healthy friends, loved ones and family.  Connecting with God and life involves luxuriating in emotional safety, tranquility, order and ease. It's connecting and having intimacy with others who accept us exactly as we truly are.  We are ourselves.

      All of the above has largely been my reality for the past nine plus years.  And for that, I have an Attitude of Gratitude, making me a happy guy.

How About You?
In what ways are you enjoying a Spiritual Awakening?


Optimistic Existentialist said...

I totally agree that our culture mistakenly equates productivity with success...where did that originate? Maybe it's just a product of a Capitalist mindset.

Vanessa Higgins said...

When I am down I don't take the time to pray. I feel like it is useless and that there is no hope for me. When I feel healthy I pray several times a day!!!!!!!

Pablo said...

Hi there, Keith!

Thanks for your two cents. I agree with you. My main focus on this piece was our captivation with being busy, as if that means we are important.

I find less is more. Solitude, simplicity and silence, not to be gotten by a harried lifestyle. But they are three necessary ingredients for serenity and sanity.

Pablo said...

Wow, Vanessa!

I like your honesty. Sometimes it helps acting "as if," when we are not sure about God, His existence or loving nature.

My dear, you must feel sad, when you feel despair like that, during dark times, when attempting to pray. Remember, you are not alone. Not only do you have your family, friends and loved ones, you also have this innkeeper rooting and praying for you.

It helps not flying by sight----solely by our emotions or intellect. It helps enormously when we have principles and truths that as our instrument panel, allowing us to fly straight and true when windows to our cockpit are clouded.

Thank you, for dropping by, sharing and letting us know what goes on within you.

An appreciative innkeeper who hopes to see you again, soon.

Carl H said...

Dear Innkeeper,

On this Tuesday evening, I am grateful...

1. I could listen to Father Tim M's talk during a Palo Alto Al-Anon Retreat on a DVD in my car today, and hear him say, "My love cannot save the ones I love... This is my powerlessness." Deeply profound!

2. To also hear him say, "It's time I stop letting people live rent free in my mind; those I'm harboring resentment toward."

3. To take time to reflect before reacting; placing principles above the vulnerable, even flawed and haunted hallways of my personality.

4. To watch the film "Impossible" with my wife tonight. To witness the horror, fear, hopelessness,nail-biting suspense, indominatable spirit, and finally overwhelming joy of one families true-story, against-all-odds, journey through the 2004 Tsunami.

Pablo said...

Dear Carl,

It's good remembering that there is only one God and we are not it. Can you share a recent time when you exercised your recovery, instead of an old, ineffective habit?

You must feel good, spending time with your wife, sharing time together.

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