Sunday, June 23

Balance When Relating With Others 6/23/13

       Good evening,

I worked today.  I'm beat and tomorrow is my busiest day, and it's going to
rain tomorrow and I'm riding my bike.  Yikes!

    My eyes are drooping as I hammer away at the keys to my computer.  How did your day go? 

My Gratitudes for Sunday:
The Value of Order

1. I organized my day, using priorities. The orderliness and effectiveness I have when doing that is a welcome relief, providing sanity and serenity.  When I look at my tasks in terms of urgency and importance, many duties fall to the side, that I desperately wanted to do. They are urgent, but not important.  I have to do what important,but not urgent, instead. 
2. I'm grateful my actions today were congruent with my vision for this week and day. 
3. I was very tired after spending time with clients and organizing my work, but I cycled home. I could have used BART, the local train service to get home.  I rode fourteen miles to Alameda, in a strong wind.  A storm is coming. 

      I'm testing to see if I'll sleep better after I leave my gratitudes here.  I am proud of the perseverance I exercised today. 
4. I spent time looking at my financials.  It's great, staying on top of the demands and needs I face. 
5. I love my pannier.  I don't know how I survived without it! It a saddlebag I use to carry all I have with me. 
6. I took care of other aspects of my business where I do well, but are energy depleting. I was rewarded for my diligence, but it was hard on me, emotionally. (Making phone calls.)
7. I'm thankful for principles that allow me to have a more realistic perspective regarding life while enjoying it at the same time.  I stay in the here and now, not allowing pressure or disappointments to distract me from what's most important as I live the Great Big Life God has for me. 

Enjoying Balance When Relating With Others
     I'm glad there is only one God and I'm not it. This fact helps me keep perspective, freeing me from many things that could easily seduce me and exhaust me, if I didn't exercise boundaries. This fact that I'm not God----imagine that----allows me to care about, but not for others. It helps me keep close to my boundaries.

     I no longer rescue people. Individuals need to pedal the bike of their life problems.  I'm happy to run along, providing a steady hand to the saddle of their cycle, but they need to do the pedaling. Otherwise, I'm a codependent and they are not truly experiencing progress.  They will only go as far as I push. That's a tiring and uninviting prospect.  It doesn't help either of us. 

8.  I'm delighted, being freed from the disease of codependency. 
How About You? 
What are your gratitudes as we start this new week? 


Optimistic Existentialist said...

My main gratitude as I start this week is that I was able to spend a wonderful weekend with my family in Northern, KY. Good times :-)

Theresa Elander said...

my gratitudes.
I had a good visit with an old friend yesterday.
My cats got a clean bill of health from the vet.
I'm taking advantage of the overcast day and catching up on inside chores. It feels great getting things done and having the energy to do them.

Pablo said...


Thanks for visiting the inn. What do you like best about your visits?

A curious innkeeper

Pablo said...

Dear Theresa,

I love it, you shared three gratitudes. Thank you! Kudos to you for pushing on, on a rainy day.

Did it feel good, getting the positive report from the vet?

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