Saturday, June 15

Celebrating Life and Its Highs and Lows 6/15/13

       Good evening,

How are you?  Have you been good towards yourself?  Have you been getting the rest?  Are you spending time, tending to your needs?  I hope so. Today, I did just that.  I slept, even. In the middle of the day.  I was worn out.

        I eagerly look forward to
tomorrow.  I'm doing one of my favorite things. I'll be with family, celebrating Father's Day. We'll eat, at one of my favorite restaurants, Sala Thai, in Fremont. Afterwards, we'll hike at Sunol Regional Park, one of my favorite places.  It has a lot of history for my family. We've gone there since my sons were little munchkins.

       The evening is the piece de resistance (sorry, I don't know how to do accent marks).  We'll play the game of Pit with friends and family.  Can't wait.  This game allows the inner boy in me to escape.  It's great fun.  Really.

       Tonight, after this post, I'll cycle for an hour, probably taking in twelve miles (19.31 km).  Earlier, at 8:30 p.m., I had a wonderful conversation with a fellow leftie.  It's always fun when that happens. I'm able to speak in my native tongue, left-handed language. Much of what I share here is left-handed conversation----dealing with abstractions  and overarching principles.

       Thank you, for dropping by.  It's always less lonely when you visit.  It makes what I do here, that much more worthwhile.  So far, over 300 of you cooled your heals, here.

Highs and Lows
      Frequently, at the end of the week I ask for you to share your high and low point for the week. I'd love hearing them. Even from you, who haven't yet posted in this inn.  Come on, give it a try. It would meet my need for mutuality and fellowship.

      Here are mine: 

High Points for This Week: 
1. Staying true to my values several times this week was empowering. It is very empowering living according to what I cherish and believe.
2. I saw God working in my life this week. That's always exciting.  When unexpected good things happen----and that occurred many times this week, and most weeks----I see them as kisses from God.
3. I was loved by many this week.  I'm a fortunate man.  It's wonderful, being connected to humanity. I appreciate the value that discernment adds to the quality of my relationships.  I am not open to just anyone.  Not all people are safe.
4. I refrained from using judgment many times this week. Those I relate with appreciate that I do. Krishnamurti put it well: "To observe without judgment is the highest form of wisdom."
5. I got a new client this week. I'm glad I'm able to support others, helping them to become the person they want to be.
6.  I'm thankful for the emotional support I get from dear friends, and the great conversations we have.
7.  I love where I live, the city.  It's peaceful, beautiful and I'm surrounded by water. It's calming to live in this town.
8. I'm implementing new policies with my work that help me to take care of myself.

Low Points: 
1.  My sleep has been irregular. I'm getting headaches as a result.
2.  Someone judged me this week.  It's always better to translate the need beneath our judgment.
3.  Some clients have been inconsistent in keeping in touch with me. Several have lost jobs, some are going through difficulty in their marriages and have retreated.  Isolating and withdrawing is understandable, but still, it would be courteous for them to return phone calls.
4. I have not spent as much time as I'd like, investing in Quiet Time.
5. I've ridden my bike less than I normally do.

How About You? 

What are your high and low points?


Optimistic Existentialist said...

Pablo I am having a sleep issue as well - major insomnia and I can't figure out the root of it. That would be my low point this week. My high point was hiking the Red River Gorge :)

Pablo said...


Great to see you back. Have you tried using an over the counter "sleep aid"?

How are you feeling about the Reds, this season? Thanks for dropping by, reading and commenting!

Syd said...

Hope that you enjoy the day with your family.

High Point--talking to my wife while she is away on vacation; getting tomatoes and berries from the garden

Low Point--seeing how dreadfully thin my FIL is and how much he has declined in just a week.

Pablo said...

Thanks, Syd

Do you find your time gardening meditative? Have you been able to use the new licenses you have? Just curious.

I'm sorry to hear about your father-in-law. He is still alert, mentally?

Wishing you a good week, if possible.

Loredana Donovan said...

I hope you had a nice Father's Day, Pablo. Thank you for stopping by my blog :)

Theresa Elander said...

My low was definitely my foot. I sprained my foot and was down for the count for about 7 days. That was a challenge.

High - playing pit with my new friends. What a blast.

Pablo said...


I admire your artistic and poetic soul. I'm grateful for your contribution of beauty to this world. It's a treat, visiting your place!

Wishing you a great week. My Father's Day was swell.

Pablo said...

Thank you, Theresa, for your comment. What need of yours wasn't met, when you foot was sprained?

My guess is that you are happy being out and about, once again. I enjoyed the fun we shared with others, while playing Pit. Thank you, for your hospitality!

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