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Marks of a Spiritual Awakening, Part II, Revisited ......4/18/13

     I'm bumping this entry up, originally written April 28th, 2011. The world, through the media, tries convincing us that happiness is having plenty of money, the right lover, job, car and home.  Oh, and having the right phone.  Not


     I'm convinced that we are primarily spiritual.  Yep, spiritual.  Now, the spirit is different than our soul.  The soul deals with our emotions, will and intellect.  Our spirit connects with the ineffable, transcendent aspects of life-----tranquility, ease, emotional safety, genuine community with others, our relationship with God.

     Spirituality is not arrived at through reason or physical effort.  Nope, it isn't.  That would be the same as trying to hear colors or see sounds. We'd be using wrong organ, so to speak.

     Here's the post: 

Marks of a Spiritual Awakening:
     I.  Instead of obsession or constant crisis, we enjoy more inner peace

     We realize the futility of trying to control others. The only person we have control over---and even here we are less than successful---is ourselves. My choices are the only thing I can control. It isn't my job to determine what is acceptable for others. Most importantly, we lay aside self-will and realize our need for a personal relationship with God.

     II.  We have less interest in judging others and ourselves

      We are gentler towards ourselves and others. We are less interested in finding fault.  Instead, we try finding the needs beneath criticisms people make and their less than best behavior.

       We become positive mind readers----discerning the good intentions often obscured by their faults and misdeeds. We treat ourselves with kindness too.  No longer do we yield to the condemning voices that can easily fill our hearts and minds.  Instead of criticizing our lack of progress, we see the one percent we've improved today. Instead of condemning our weaknesses, we are thankful for our awareness and exercise healthy alternatives that allow us to overcome them.

     III.  We act spontaneously instead of operating by fearful control

     Regaining playfulness is celebrating life.  It's critical to play, having fun.  For many adults, this is can be hard.

      As children, many were four years old, going on forty----already taking care of the needs of the family.  Alcohol, sexual, emotional, verbal or drug abuse in a home affects and traumatizes the everyone.  Abuse in a home that manifested problemed behavior robbed those living in it the joy and wonder that was to be childhood.

      A spiritual awakening occurs when we, through personal work, transcend past and present pain and our spirit is carefree, once again.

     IV.  Moments of appreciation for little things happen more frequently

     One of life's gifts is when we can stay in the moment and treasure the gifts God bestows upon us in a given day: the laughter of child, a smile from a stranger, experiencing an unexpected kind deed, seeing a flock of birds soaring in the sky, are little kisses from God that easily can be overlooked, when we are overwhelmed.

     V.  We find ourselves relaxing and going with the flow

         Relaxing happens when we realize that there is only one God, and we are not Him. When I worry, I'm dwelling on the future and I have a problem with trust. When I have resentments and bitterness, I focusing on the past and have a problem with forgiveness. In each case I'm not where I am, in the present. All I have is now. When I rely upon God's strength I can be grounded.  I maximize my use of this day.  I don't have thoughts weighing me down, hindering what I attempt to do today.

    VI. We Draw Strength from Spiritual Disciplines

           We enjoy making time to pray, meditate, increasing our conscious contact with God.  We pray for knowledge of his Will and the power to carry it out.  For other spiritual disciplines, you might want to take a look at the post, "Getting Through the Day."

How About You? 
      Would it be possible for you to share three things which prompt gratitude? Celebrating your joys makes this guy a happy innkeeper.

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