Saturday, April 6

Made Time for Me, Guarding Our Tongue, Feeling Better 4/6/13

How the skyscape has been been, around the Bay Area
     Good evening,

How was your day?  This place improves, when you drop by.  Having fellowship with others is good for the soul.

     I was wiped out today.  A long nap helped.

My Saturday Gratitudes:
1.  Rest.  I had an easy day, relaxing.  A mini retreat from
my normal routine invigorates my physical and mental health and calms my soul.  My rubber band is rewound.  I'm ready to face the new week with vigor and a positive mental framework.

Connecting With Others
       I made time, following a San Francisco Giants baseball game today.  Feeling hope, connecting with thousands of other fans in the Bay Area, being inspired by our world championship team is a terrific way of celebrating life.

       Buster Posey, the humble, clean-cut catcher for the team received his Most Valuable Player (MVP)  Award today.  His two-and-a-half minute speech was impressive. He thanked everyone who made it possible.  Beginning with his wife and kids, he went on to thank his grandparents, parents, coaches (even the physical trainers), team mates and the fans for their support.

       We in the San Francisco Bay Area are fortunate to have many players of faith and humility. This team succeeds because of great chemistry (and defense). That's hard to have when pride gets in the way between players.  Fortunately, that's not the case with the Giants, they all care for each another.
       Too bad the pitcher Vogelsong lost today's game.  It was the first time a starting pitcher for San Francisco gave up an earned run this season, in five games, for those in the know of baseball----quite a feat.

2.  I enjoyed the game, I like the aliveness I feel when  nurturing myself, doing something I like.

Restful Meditation Found In a Mundane Matter
       I did laundry, by hand today.  It always gets me back in my body, which is a good for me.  The nature of my work can keep me in my head.

      The change in my thinking when I do the wash by hand refreshes me (remember, I'm an optimist----I find good in everything).  Like playing pool, it centers me in the present moment, removing other thoughts that might want to intrude.

3.  I'm grateful for rejuvenating my mind by not using it consciously. I was mindless, while washing clothes and it felt good.

Recovering From Recent Setbacks
       I'm more at peace with myself.  Enjoying tranquility, being in the flow of life and focusing on my self-care is a good way to love myself.  I'm slowing getting back on track after two three setbacks last month: betrayal/gossip, a rush to judgment by someone else and a friendship that was temporarily harmed, all the result of others speaking without thinking or doing so maliciously.

       My how important for us to guard our tongue!  As a result of last month's events, I never have been more thankful for nonviolent communication (NVC) .  Using it allows me to respond, and not react, when relating with others.  NVC teaches me how to address my needs without using blame, shame, guilt, fear or judgment.

How About You? 
What is your high point and low point for the past week?

My High Point: Forgiving myself and facing my fears last Tuesday, plus, the loving support I've received from God and dear friends as I've weathered three setbacks the past few weeks.  The good news: I'm back in the saddle again, feeling better, almost where I normally am, emotionally.
Low Point: Experiencing the sting of dissension, due to gossip from a person who used me as the target.


Syd said...

It's good to rest. I have been doing a lot of physical work lately and yesterday did two tows of broken down sail boats. Hardest part of the week has been concern for a dying relative. Best part has been willingness to mind my own business.

Pablo said...


Is this work you occasionally do, or a favor for friends?

I'm sorry to hear about the demands you face as you and your wife help with hospice care, for someone in the final season of their life. You must be drained. I'm praying for you and your loved ones. Really.

Thanks, Syd, for the wisdom you add to this place. I'm grateful when you drop by.

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