Wednesday, April 24

Taking Care of Self: The Value of Boundaries .......4/24/13

Japanese countryside.  I love the skyscape and vivid colors. 
   Good evening,

Rest was gotten today.  It was almost a day off.  I needed it.  Someone I mentor dropped by Alameda this afternoon.  A good time processing fear and the dragon of
codependency resulted as we dined at Jim's Diner on Lincoln Ave.

      Connecting, laughing, speaking honestly and earnestly dealing with the vexations of life made for a terrific time of bonding. And how was  your day? Are you developing your rope of Balcony People? You should. :->

      It's critical finding and expressing our voice.   The fellow I was with is developing his; is he glad. We hugged, he parted and I met with my solo client for the day.

      It gratifying watching the characterological growth of a client.  Such was the case tonight.  I listened, beamed and the hairs on my arm rose several times----that's how touched I was with the report she shared.  She's gotten two jobs since I've seen her last.  Ya ay!

     She's lost nine pounds recently, her confidence is growing and she asserted herself----tactfully----while relating with one her new bosses.  Good for her.  She smiled as I gave her a high five.  She's working hard on her recovery from depression and abuse.  As you've heard me say many times, in this inn, my clients' desire to get better has to be stronger than my desire to help them.  Hers is and I'm thankful.

My Gratitudes for Today, Wednesday
1.  I've added four new clients this week.  I'm grateful for thriving and the abundance I enjoy.
2.  My time with my mentee today was positive----an in-the-solution time that provided direction and support for this terrific man, who is also a cycling buddy.
3.  Yesterday was amazing.

       I don't know where to start.  I met with someone else I mentor, before meeting with clients, a good time, also. I am thrilled when I see people apply what I share and run with it.  This person is doing this remarkably well.

       I love talking with someone who is willing to transcend habits held for decades and family legacies.  Such was the case.  I love intimacy and sincerity when relating with another. Our time had plenty of that.  Communicating with safe people does wonders for my need for closeness, companionship and connecting with my fellow man.

       Our setting was a lovely cafe. The deck where we chatted was bedecked with flowers---orchids. The avocado smoothie I had to go with our conversation was good too.  Yep, it was.

4.  There are many, many, gratitudes. I'm afraid that this inn may not be able to hold them all!  (Note: I don't use exclamation points often, when I do, it means I'm really jazzed.)
5.  I have new gear for my bike: a much better light.
    a. A second bottle rack----very necessary with all the riding I do.
    b. My cyclometer is working excellently.  It was adjusted. This means the world to me.  If I didn't have it, I'd be driving a car, or walking instead. (Something I haven't done in fourteen, yes, fourteen, months.  I have not driven even one mile.) I like seeing measurable progress.
    c. I have a new location for the mount of my headlight. It enables my computer---the cyclometer---- to work properly.  The light is now mounted at the hub of my front wheel.
    d.  I took the time to buy a visor. My vision is easier, now.
    e.  New gloves----handy protection, if I were to fall.  I crashed four times last year, three time very seriously, needing to get medical attention.
6.  I went to an Al-Anon Family Group Meeting. It was fabulous.  The fellowship was warm, caring, open, positive and inspiring.  I saw many friends there.
7.  Someone tried to tell me how I could improve something I said.  I told her, "We don't correct other people's shares.  I want you to stop." Her action would have disturbed me years ago. Now, I let it go.

Taking Care of Ourselves

        I rested, plenty, today.  I took care of me.  Many would like to just take and take from me, plying with one question upon another.  We do not exercise boundaries for other people to adhere to; we express our boundaries so that we abide by them---for our sake.

        We are the only person on earth who can make our welfare our number one priority.
8.  I'm thankful for living a balanced life: I set aside plenty of "alone time" so that I can rest my mind, body and soul. Am I glad. I am deeply thankful that I am delivered from the disease of codependency.
9. I have my handwriting script back in action. I enjoy expressing my individuality.

How About You? 
How are you taking care of yourself?

Wishing you a fantastic Thursday filled with gratitude.
A delighted, thrilled and happy innkeeper


Carl H said...

Dear Innkeeper,

Tonight I am grateful for...

1. Some down time this evening, listening to the final-four lady contestants on American Idol sing their hearts out!

2. Some quality learning and growing time with a dear friend over some bacon and eggs!

3. Working through some healthy challenges at work; progress not perfection!

4. A meeting with my boss in which I learned of his short-term monetary
"gap-bridging" kindness.

Syd said...

Sounds as if you are getting the bike in good shape. Good to have our spiritual, emotional and physical selves in good shape too. Hope that you have a good day.

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