Friday, April 5

Back on Track From A Detour From Joy and Serenity. (Courage Faces Fear and Thereby Masters It, Part III) ..........................4/5/13

     Good evening,

How you be?  My life is settling down after having a few things throw me for a loop in March.  Now, life is marching on (pun intended).

     I agree, life can have its low moments. They can be a monument to our past pain. Or, by how we respond to them, they can reflect the
healing, grace and growth we've experienced when we go beyond having a pity party and decide to replace fear, isolation, depression and any other negative feeling with healthy alternatives. That was the case for me, earlier this week.

         I had two  three bad experiences three weeks ago: betrayal, someone prejudging me and someone who misspoke and used my name, to boot, upsetting a friend.  You can read about the first two here.  The third one I'm detailing now.  I don't mention difficulties to gripe or moan about them.  Certainly not.  That's not my style, nor the way I think.  I know better.  I'm the Attitude of Gratitude guy.

         Instead, I'm sharing what  happens when applying healthy principles.  Lately, I'm overcoming a detour from the serenity I normally enjoy.  Joy can be restored.  Yes, even after emotionally crushing times.  It's happening for me.  I'm glad I am happier than I was a week ago, because of this past Tuesday.  I also know my joy will continue to increase.  Staying in the solution is better than catastrophizing.

        I revisited the third of the events that struck at my serenity and happiness in March.  It was not an easy task, especially when embarrassment and fear were involved.  However, ringing in my ears was:
"Our doubts are traitors and make us lose the good we oft might win by failing to attempt,"  Written by a guy named Will. 
      A crisis happened at the Alameda Library, a few weeks back.  Someone I was going to meet there, arrived early.  Being confused, she said something inaccurate.

      Her comments disturbed the head librarian.  No, she did not say she had a bomb.  But, what she said would have disturbed me, too.  Over the past year and a half, this librarian and I have become friends.

     Well, Tuesday, I returned to the scene of the hullabaloo.  Uncomfortable and apprehensive I was.  At first, I stayed on the first floor.  The event happened on the second floor.

      Applying my emotional and mental strength, I strode upstairs to the reference desk, facing the man who was bewildered by what happened in early March.

      His comment upon seeing me: "Where have you been?"  Whew!  All of my fears were not realized.  The librarian was kind and concerned about my welfare.  What do you think of that?


My Gratitudes for Friday
1.  I'm thankful for resuming visits to the Alameda Library. They had been a regular routine of mine, for the past year-and-a-half.
2.  I appreciate the growth that happens when facing fear.  It wasn't easy, approaching a situation that offered an uncertain outcome, possibly a negative one.
3.  Grateful, I am,  to process a crisis that occurred at the library.

     I'm appreciative a dear friend, Stuart, helped.  He listened as I shared my grief. He allowed me to vent my thoughts and feelings.  I'm glad for knowing I do not get healing in isolation.

     My needs and vulnerabilities are not a design flaw, but a design feature created by God.  I'm learning to welcome them. They extrude me into relationships with emotionally mature and discerning others. My needs help free me from the sin of self-sufficiency. (Safe People, p. 67)
4.  I look forward to the upcoming week. I have other challenges needing confrontation. When I taste victory in one area, it emboldens me to move forward in other intimidating areas requiring attention.

How About You? 
Have you faced any fears, lately?  I'd love hearing what enables you to confront yours.


Optimistic Existentialist said...

I am very curious what she would have said that would have caused such fear in the librarian on the second floor and would have caused you to stay away from there for a month? I am so sorry that happened! So did you and the librarian clear everything up?

Carl H said...

Dear Innkeeper,

Today, Saturday, April 6, I am grateful...

1. I could serendipitously wake early on my day off to catch and correct a potential order omission at work.

2. Put a dent in my Turbo Tax preparation for 2012. Hope to finish tomorrow...

3. Get in a good round of exercise this afternoon during a fleeting sunny moment in an otherwise gray, chilly, misty day.

4. Host a delicious nearly 2-hour, Chinese dinner out with a couple who are kindred spiritual fellow-travelers, and dear friends.

Pablo said...

Hi there, Keith.

It wasn't fear but confusion and alarm she created. I took ownership for not being clear with this woman.

The librarian was very kind. When I asked him what I could do to make things right, he said,"Pablo, your word is good enough for me."

I was humbled by his response, and glad. The time I invested in our friendship paid off, big time, on this occasion. But, I don't take that for granted.

His gracious reply was not common, and I recognized it as such.

Pablo said...

Dear Carl,

It's always appreciated, your visits and gratitudes. Thank you for consistently fulfilling the vision of this inn. You do so, regularly. Am I glad.

I know you are an excellent host. Those who experience your hospitality are ministered to with your kindness and good food, along with your warmth. Thanks for contributing good will to all who enter your home!

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