Saturday, April 13

A Great Time In Nature, Hanging Out With a Friend ......4/13/13

One view of where we hiked today
     Yesterday I spoke before group.  That was fun.  I got together with a friend afterwards.  Today, a female friend and I hiked for three hours in a hilly area.  We clambered over rocks and fallen trees.  The symphony of a running stream soothed this
urban soul.

     The variegated shades of green as the sun shone through the canopy of leaves above us was breathtaking and calming.  Munching on nuts, slices of apple and sharing time with a friend was a perfect way to spend the afternoon and decompress from this week's stress. 

      Dogs wandered by, their owners in tow.  Two girls in the second and fourth grade strode their way up the creek as my friend and I sat on a massive boulder. Their dog, Lucy, waited along with their father.

      Dog and dad stood along the path that wound along the water, twenty feet above, watching the fearless girls march up the hill through a string of rocky pools.  The stream swirled around us, singing as it ran away from us, down the ravine.  I was in heaven. 

My Gratitudes for Saturday: 
1.  I luxuriated in nature. Variety to my routine rejuvenates me. 
2.  I taxed my body. I appreciate my health and the vigorous climb we made to the top of a hill. 
3.  After our adventure in the woods, my hiking companion and I shared dinner, then viewed the new movie, 42.   It revealed the hardship Jackie Robinson had as the first African American playing in the major leagues of baseball. The film reminded me that greatness usually involves struggle. And did he, ever.  It was nice being part of a community event in the darkened, flickering room. The crowd with us applauded after it was over.  
4.  Today, someone gave me a printer for my computer.  I value this person's thoughtfulness and appreciation for how I've helped him. 
5.  I spent time with cats.  That made me happy, I love animals. 

How About You? 
What are your three gratitudes for today? 


Syd said...

It's good to get out in Nature and enjoy the beauty of spring. I was busy working on splitting logs yesterday. Grateful that the log splitter worked and no hands and feet were injured. Have a good Sunday.

Pablo said...

Hey Syd,

You got that right! Nature has a way of healing the soul.

Curious: how did you get the two towing jobs you had the other day?

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