Wednesday, April 3

Source for Peace: A Gentle Ideal Self ........4/3/13

  Good evening everyone,

Thanks for dropping by.  Your visits add to the fellowship shared here.  How are you?

Me and My Ideal Self----It Has Changed, And How

     I met with friends tonight.  I spoke about my experience with my ideal self.  It has transformed.  No longer is it an unpleasable tyrant that
condemns me. Nor does it constantly demand that I do more, telling me that my best is not good enough.  Instead, this part of my consciousness is patient, gracious and gentle towards those aspects in my life needing improvement.

      My ideal self now encourages,  it exhorts me----gently----as I move forward, overcoming characterological challenges and the demands life tosses my way.  Am I glad, mentally.  My emotions are happier, too.  Relating with a gentle ideal self provides me with serenity and sanity that transcends my circumstances. Yes, as slogan says, "Easy Does It."  Indeed.

      After being with my evening group of friends, I continued a conversation with one of the lovely ladies.   I supported her, as we spoke about her baby----a dog now in need of hospice care.

      Our chat reminded me of my time with a buddy of mine, Alexander.  For more about that check out the button above, with that moniker.

Midweek Gratitudes
1.  I appreciate the day was balanced.  I gave myself enough time to do what needed doing, I did not attempt to accomplish more.  Space---time and balance--- are important, and healthier than frenetic activity. Having a restful pace to the day  provides me equanimity.
2.  Laundry was done.  The mindless nature of the chore I find as a relaxing form of meditation. Smelling fresh clothing in my bedroom is nice, too.
3.  Today, I met with someone I mentor.  It's enjoyable seeing his life thrive. He's applying healthy principles we discuss, and he's exercising constructive alternatives that permit him to handle life's challenges.  Ya ay!  I enjoy celebrating life with him.
4.  I slept well last night.  That's not a given. My mind races with more thoughts than are expressed in a TED lecture.  I value rest. It's restorative when the beast of constant ideas is stilled, at least temporarily and it was.
"Be still and know I am God."        Psalms 46:10
5.  Yesterday, I had an intense time with one client.  I'm glad I could help.  He was condemning himself, ruing his past.  That's a common trait for someone severely abused, which is his case.

     We reviewed his many excellent attributes and his amazing accomplishments and his sanity was restored, along with a joy that was absent when our session started.
" Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, will guard your hearts..... Whatever is true, honorable, right, lovely, excellent, good, or worthy of praise, let you mind dwell on these things....   Paul's Letter to the Philippians (Innkeeper paraphrase). 
How About You? 
What are at least three gratitudes you have for today? I'd love hearing them. Thanks!


Optimistic Existentialist said...

I find that I am always on the journey to my ideal self...that it's a place that I always want to be striving for, for I don't want to be too content if that makes sense.

Pablo said...

I agree with you, Keith.

There's a fine line I walk. I need the truth to prompt me---but gently---and grace that enables me to be patient with myself, realizing that I am accomplishing much, considering all the negative experiences I've gone through.

Carl H said...

Dear Innkeeper,

I enjoyed reading your post this evening.

Tonight I am grateful...

1. For the backspace/erase button on my keyboard. As i dozed off, my finger rested gently on the "l" key, and i had several uninterrupted "l" paragraphs. So let's hear it for the genius of keyboard software that helps make our mistakes disappear!

2. Oops...did it again. Grateful I could recover from a very rough morning at work.

3. Grateful for my new lunch box and the humility it brings.

Syd said...

Good to remember the Easy Does It slogan and not pile on too many things during the day. I'm glad to not have mind race anymore. Maybe I am just more relaxed since retirement.

Pablo said...

Dear Carl,

I'm glad to see you hear. Thank you for your perseverance in posting your comment. I admire your persistence in the face of exhaustion.

You might want to consider your lunch box as a handy reminder for thankfulness: you have a job, many, in today's economy, don't.

Pablo said...

Hey Syd,

Thanks for your comment. I hadn't thought of that slogan in long while. With all you do, it sounds you keep yourself busy, even though you are retired.

Wishing you a great new week!

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