Monday, April 8

A Mixed Day, Happiness and Joy. I Prefer Joy: Happiness is Ephemeral 4/7/13

    The day was eventful, fun and ended crazily, unfortunately.  I lost a leather binder, on the bus, just before I arrived home at 11:00 p.m.

    Frequently, this binder is used when
working with clients.  It had many helpful forms, dealing with anger, making requests, nonviolent communication, the works.  Reconstructing it will be a pain, but possible.  Oh brother.

    This is the down side of using a bicycle for transportation.  I carry many things with me.  The odds are high, when I travel, that I will leave something behind. That happened tonight.

* * * * * * * *

    This afternoon I worked hard, seeing five clients.  I need to take care of the energy I expend.  If I don't exercise boundaries, clients could easily draw more from me, more than what is fair.

     My time was up with one client today.  Nonetheless, he plied upon me with more questions.  I said no.  This was an occasion that reminds me that limits are not for others to adhere to.  The are for me to honor, they are for my sake, sanity and serenity.

My Gratitudes for Today:
1.  I got out a lot of stress by cycling twenty miles, part of it was riding for an hour, late at night, retracing the bus route from the Fruitvale BART station to my home, looking for my binder. I'll have to drop by AC Transit's lost and found when I have a break in my schedule this week. Ugh.
2.  I'm glad I'm able to forgive myself, for today's mishap.

      Perspective helps. I did not lose my integrity, hope, convictions, faith or joy.  Happiness is usually externally oriented; for many----not me----it's based upon having enough money, the right companion, home, car, job, you get the idea.

      Joy, however, is attitudinal. I can have it,  even in spite of my circumstances, it's the result of focusing upon my treasures, of which I have many.

3  Feedback from three clients today was unexpected but encouraging.  It's good being appreciated.
4.  After working hard, I saw an excellent movie, Olympus Has Fallen, with Gerard Butler, Aaron Eckhart and Morgan Freeman, among others.

        As a side note, there's one scene where Gerard Butler interrogates two terrorists in the White House.  He paid for the costs to write and shoot that scene, ensuring that it was included in the final cut.  Viewing the film was a needed change of pace. It added some oomph and variety to my day.
5.  Tomorrow, I'm modifying my schedule so that I can get extra sleep. Hurray for moderation.

How About You?
What are your three gratitudes for today? I'd love hearing them.


Carl H said...

Today, Monday, April 8, I am grateful...

1. That I can forgive myself for an online error while filing tax returns. That's OK, because I can write here, while on hold waiting for help!

2. I stayed in the office longer than was comfortable to do, investing much needed time to be better organized. It will pay off tomorrow.

3. I cold see beautiful scenery; driving through the crystal-clear, chilly, wind-whipped day, across the white-knuckle Bay Bridge, along Golden Gate Park to a brief visit with one chef, then across the Golden Gate Bridge to the foot of Mt. Tamalpais to see another, before heading back.

4. That I could visit the gym again for the second time this week, swim, hot tub, steam room and brief snooze.

5. For the hold function in modern telephony. To be able to multi-task without anger, resentment or impatience is a gift; a blessing.

Carl H said...

Today, Tuesday, April 9th, I am Grateful for...

1. The exquisitely delicious sandwich my wife made last night and put in my lunch bag, along with the sliced 1/2 pear and 1/2 apple; so refreshing!

2. Icing my new knee on the drive home from work with an ice-bag spirited from our seafood production warehouse.

3. Doing eight early-evening laps around the house, yard, garden and eating a fresh orange off the tree as reward.

4. Taking photos of blooming, back-yard spring flowers with my cell phone while walking.

5. Breaking through my own (self-perpetuated) tax filing frustrations,via finally taking time to actually "read the instructions" on how to fix my own error, and (knock on wood) refiling tonight. Seems like it should go through this time. You see, I was trying to claim my #3 son, but his ex-wife claimed him first; as it should be.

6. How easy life is when I slow down, decompress, and revisit a challenge, or "TEST" with new perspective. And, the instructions were so very SIMPLE, once I finally found and read them!

7. The healing balm of our soul-soothing SF/Bay area springtime weather! I wish you all could visit us and soak in the light and love we are blessed with here.

Pablo said...

Hello Carl,

Wishing you luck with your tax return. I appreciate your positivity, despite the stress of your work. You certainly reveal an attitude.

Thank you, for dropping by!

Pablo said...

Dear Carl,

I love how you seize the moment, finding wonder in moments that could easily go unnoticed. I value your example of staying in the moment, delighting in your backyard flowers.

Wishing you a great new week, starting 4/14/13

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