Wednesday, March 20

Kisses from God .......3/20/13

Although I'm a bit older and my
hair has grey, I felt like this kid.
      Monday morning, I was reeling from news received at 11:30 p.m., Sunday night, upon returning home from seeing a movie and picking up my laptop in Union City. (As you can see, with that device, I'm back at
communicating with you who visit this cozy place in cyber space.)

      The news I read Sunday night, in an e-mail, was disturbing.   On Monday, before my first session, I dropped by a colleague's office.  That was when I received God's first kiss for me on that day.

      This individual mentioned she heard reports about the "many good things," I was doing with my clientele. They are people she works with, too.  Her kindness and encouraging words were a salve for my worn psyche.

       I shared with this person the upsetting news I read Sunday night.  She revealed information that helped me understand the man sabotaging and slandering me.  Wow, our conversation was as refreshing as a cool glass of water on a hot day.

       The person who knifed me with gossip on Friday, I was told, had a tumultuous event occur on the same day.  My female colleague informed me that this hurtful person had a member in his family arrested.  She suggested that his gossip probably were an effort at deflecting attention from him.  Hearing this info gave context to the emotional whirlwind I went through.  His actions however, damaged a relationship I have with someone dear to me.

       Monday afternoon, at 2:15 p.m., I was startled, again. This time, it was good startling.  I got another unexpected big smacker from God.  Yes, a kiss----a moment when the Almighty showered me with love and encouragement.  Was I glad. Did I need it.

       I had been busy, seeing four clients, each for an hour-and-a-half.  That's another wow.  The sessions were productive.  During a hiatus in my work, I responded to a message left on my phone while seeing a client that morning.  I returned the call.

       "Have you eaten?" she inquired.
        I hadn't.  I was too rushed that morning to make breakfast.  I had outlined, from 12:00-4:00 a.m., processing, the disturbing missive I received.
       After writing, I went to bed, waking up with three-and-a-half hours of sleep.  I barely had time to make it to my 9:00 a.m. appointment in San Leandro.
       "As a matter of fact, I haven't,"  I replied.

      "Can I take you to lunch?"  Grateful she and her husband were for my services.
      "Sure, thank you, very much."

       She took me to a Mexican restaurant. "Los Perricos" on E. 14th St.  A regular burrito was downed by the innkeeper. She detailed the journey she's been on, since she and her husband have been seeing me, while a soccer game with Spanish commentary played on a flat screen behind her and the brightly painted parrots on the walls stared at me.

       It was impressive, the way she took ownership for areas where she was less than her best, in her relationships with others, especially her adult children.   After lunch was over, she even paid me for the time we shared.  Wow, again.  Gosh, even.

       Our luncheon was one way she appreciated the work I have done for her, her husband and her family.  Her warm smile, the tears in her eyes and the softness in her voice----this was once a very intimidating woman----certainly made my spirit soar.
      Thank you, God, for the kisses I received from you today. I am grateful for the ways you let me know how much you care for me.  I especially cherish the way you shower your love upon me during moments when I need your affirming support the most.
 My Gratitudes for Today: 
1.  I love how God cheers my spirit when I am disturbed.
2.  Monday,  my bicycle floated on the way home, encouraged, I was, by the kindness I received on that day.
3.  I appreciate each of you who drop by. Thank you for the company your visits provide.
4.  I value the perspective that my colleague provided---context helped me to understand why things eventuated as they did with the person who tried harming me.
5.   I like how God arranged food for me, when I was famished. Not only was I fed a burrito, but I was nourished by the gratitude of the woman who treated me to lunch.  Her comments fed me in ways far better than food.

How About You? 
What is a kiss from God that you've received recently?

    Looking forward to hearing  your answers,


Loredana Donovan said...

Hi Pablo, thank you for your comment on my blog. I have limited time so I had to cut back on the number of blogs I follow. I will visit here when I can. A gift from God to me is self-love, and self-acceptance, as I shared in my poem, which I'm glad you enjoyed and related to. Have a wonderful weekend. Take care :)

Pablo said...

Hi Loredana,

It's having you back, it's always good to see you!

I agree with you. It's important to :love and be gentle towards ourselves

Hope to see you again, soon!

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