Monday, March 18

The Innkeeper Is Back

       Hello everyone,

 I'm back in action-----ya ay!  One of the laptops that I turned in to get fixed was damaged beyond repair.  This I found out, after waiting several weeks for it to be fixed.  Unbelievably, they
trashed it, like tossing it out.

      That was unexpected and frustrating news; they pitched it without my permission.  I'm asking them to retrieve the hard drive.  The material on it, I need.  I'm using the second laptop to reach out to you today.  It was in the shop, too, the result of dropping it.

My Gratitudes for Sunday: 
1.  I'm  glad I can do my duties as the innkeeper.  Thank you, for dropping by.  You guys were missed.
2.  I'm connected to the internet once again, after several months.
     I'm glad to be back. There was an upside to not being cybernetically connected. I read and slept more.  I found myself writing the old-fashioned way, pen and pencil stroking paper. The tranquil rhythm of writing in that manner caused me to slow down, I was in touch with my breathing.
3.  Challenges are demanding my attention.
     I can't handle them.  Apart from God's support and yours, I'd be a goner.  I'd value your prayers.  Stressful times are opportunities for personal growth.  Often, I'd prefer not having such moments, they deplete my emotional reserves.  Reality: action is required or my life will worsen.
4.  Since the last time I've talked with you, much has happened.  Over the next few days I'll fill you in.
5.  Several movies I took in over the weekend.  Friday, I saw "The Great Oz."  A refreshing change from the demanding nature of my week it was.  Sunday night, I saw, "The Incredible Burt Wonderstone."  Jim Carrey was scarey in that film, he played a role similar to the magician Criss Angel.

 How About You?
 Please check in, let me get up to speed with what's happening in your life.


Carl H said...

Dear Innkeeper,

Today I am grateful for...(somehow this one turns out to be much about food and dinners...sorry - must be a "guy thing!")

1. A mercifully brief Saturday night company dinner at a Japanese restaurant in SF, and animated chat about office culture with a new colleague on the early drive home.

2. Our BBQ rib dinner last night with wife and son, and a chance to catch up with each other.

3. An early dinner of tasty leftovers tonight affording several exercise laps around the house/yard before dark.

4. A refreshing, post-workout, ice-cold glass of prune juice and Sprite; not your normal cocktail...a kind of home-brewed colonic (just kidding!). What I do love about prune juice is my thirsty sons and their thirsty friends won't touch it, unlike a gallon of orange juice they'll blow through in a day!

5. Stumbling upon the Velocity Channel/Discovery program about a guy who buys vintage, classic, antique cars, restores them, and then sells them at auction or privately. His Mercedes Gull-winged Coupe, and a couple of Ferrarri 250's were gems!

6. My new multi-location seafood restaurant client who is helping me dive back into commission sales with a bang!

7. Current, refreshing and prevailing civility of adult sons!

Pablo said...

Dear Carl,

I love the variety of your praise: you cover, food, fellowship, family, prune juice and Ferraris. That's eclectic, I'll tell you!

Kudos to you for your successful new account---I bet it was a shot in the arm you needed.

Wishing you a great rest of the week.

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