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Remembering Wonderful Days Gone By 3/28/13

Iimage: "Field and Country: New Wheat" by
 Tim Blessed.All rights reserved, used by permission.
      Hi there.  Many suffer from frustration, despair and depression.  I know, because----on a daily basis---- I help people who struggle with these weights upon their souls.

      I'm lucky, I'm aware of healthy alternatives that allow me to transcend and even thrive during dark night of the soul moments.  I've learned that I have
choices.  There are dynamic, positive steps I can take to overcome adversity. If you search through my blog you'll find some alternatives you might want to consider, too.

     Thank you, for dropping by.  I was not too regular in my posting, earlier this month. I was without my computer, borrowing from others, when I could.  As you can see, I'm back at it.

Gratitudes for Today:
1.  I love my profession.  I'm glad I help others become who they want to be.
2.  I rode my bike today.  The weather was warm, comfortably so.  I rode in short sleeves.  There's no humidity or mosquitoes where I live.
3.  The town I've adopted is a marvelous place to live.  It's terrific living on an island. The gorgeous unobstructed sunsets along the shoreline, the many kind people I encounter while cycling and the calm nature of this place nurtures me.

A member on the Alameda High  baseball team.
Mulling Over A Baseball Game
Remembering Glorious Days Gone By

      In the middle of my workday, I took in a local baseball game, an advantage of owning a business.  I watched a contest between Alameda High, the Hornets and Hayward High, the Farmers.

     It hearkened back memories of playing Little League baseball.  I pitched and played left field. I made good contact when hitting and I got on base----a lot, using speed to leg out a hit.  I would run quickly around the bases. Eventually I was a sprinter in high school (400, 800 meters, even the 100, on occasion).

    I remember the scratchy baseball cap, the smell of leather from my glove and the slapping, firm, sound of  ball hit hard, caught in the web of my glove.  Taunts to opposing players (common back then), fond reveries of sprinting in the outfield, and successfully diving for a catch----like the Angel Pagan, to the right of these words----floated back to the halls of my mind while watching the young men play today.

    Other than the use of aluminum bats, the game hasn't changed at all.

3. I'm thankful for celebrating community with many on the bleachers, pleasant remembrances and the sights and sounds of America's game. I appreciate it's leisurely pace.  Baseball is a remnant of a former time in American life when it did not race, as it does now, if we are not careful.
4.  Groceries were gotten, without using a car.
     It's thirteen months and I have not driven one mile.  I regularly ride twenty-four miles (38.6 km) in a day. I sleep, feel better and it discharges life's stresses from my mortal coil.

Not Wearing Cowboy Boots---Am I Glad

    Patience and being gentle towards myself does wonders for my spirit and peace of mind.  For a long time I couldn't wear cowboy boots, if I wanted to.  (For more about that, you can read here.  This posting is also good  to review when we are being harsh towards ourselves.)  I have issues demanding  attention.  Being realistic about my priorities and how much I can do gives me perspective.  Pacing myself provides me with greater serenity.
6.  Today, I met with someone I mentor.  The time we shared was intimate, positive and constructive. I'm glad I could be of service.  What we discussed was good for me, too.  It's good revisiting areas often overlooked. Today we examined making excuses for those vulnerable areas in our lives.
7.  I'm meeting with another person I mentor tomorrow, we'll wheel around through town, cycling. Afterwards we eat at Jim's Diner while focusing on my mentee's needs. It's always a great time, he's a nice guy with a warm smile.

How About You? 
What are some of your favorite memories of your youth? I'd love hearing them. 


Optimistic Existentialist said...

Wow you have not driven in 13 months?? I could not get away with that here. Of course I do not live in an area with a lot of public transport and I also commute 35 miles to work so that would be a heck of a bike ride!

Are you excited for your Giants to begin defending their World Series championship?? I am hoping my Reds get revenge on you this year :)

Vanessa Higgins said...

I think I'll take a cue from your biking and do some snowshoeing today. The sun is shining, it's beautiful out.

My brain seems to be taking a vacation today and that's alright. I'm not going to fight it, I never seem to win.

Group was good last night. I talked about how I feel like I am walking a tightrope with my illness and the group thinks it's more like a wide path. This gave me hope and made me less worrried.

I'll be visiting friends this easter weekend and I can't wait to catch up and receive big hugs!

Pablo said...

Yes, Keith, I haven't used my car. Routinely I travel at least 24-34 miles a day, on two wheels.

The hardest part is going out on a date. My dates don't mind driving. Soon, I'll get behind the wheel. In the meantime, cycling is great for my mental and physical health.

I am thrilled about the new baseball season. Can't wait. My major concern is Tim Lincecum. We'll see.

Maybe we can catch a game together, some day. Have a great Easter with your family. Thank you for dropping by!

Pablo said...


I take it there's snow where you live. Wow.

I'm glad you have a supportive network to address your needs. Kudos to you and them!

I'm telepathically sending a hug to you...did you get it? Have a great weekend with your friends!

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