Monday, March 18

Confronting Negativity----Gossip. A Challenging Day

     Good evening,

It's great returning to the inn. Today was my busiest day for this week, seeing six clients.  Not long ago, Mondays were my day off.

 I managed to get through the day pretty well, even though I went to bed at four a.m. this morning and rose at 7:30 a.m. There was an
outline that floated within my dreams that  needed to be liberated from my mind, recorded. Doing so helped sort out my thoughts. 

      Disturbing information I received last night, in an e-mail.  Throughout the day I wrestled with  the opposing feelings it created.  Barely hanging on to principles allowed me overcome disappointments and a riptide of negativity created by a disturbed person, stirring up trouble, with someone dear to me, through gossip.

      I didn't see the sucker punch coming. Many times the one who vomited the verbal filth to another would complain about being the frequent victim of this social separator of people. I learned more about her through the harm she's caused with her recent lies.  I'm being reminded that the world certainly consists of all kinds of people.

     One of the positive outcomes is that several people loved me, today.  I'm thankful for support. Ya ay!

My Gratitudes for Today: 
1. I am happy that I don't accept unacceptable behavior.  Clearer insight into a one person----seeing their true nature, I appreciate.
2. I'm delighted my behavior is congruent with my goals and values.

     Even when tortured, twisted on the rack of gossip, I don't surrender my principles.  Seeking approval at the expense of my integrity will not happen to this innkeeper.  If I'm upsetting unpleasant people, that is a great.

     It means I'm doing something right.

3.  Today, I was uplifted by key people.  I don't know what I would have done, without it. One even took me out to lunch, and had kind words, when I needed them the most, my being dazed by the blow of a vicious, dishonest person.
4.  I am grateful for rest.  I've been weary, lately.  After finishing this post, I'm sawing some logs.

How About You?  
What are  your gratitudes for today?


Vanessa Higgins said...

I have the attitude for gratitude:

- A bunch of grade five teachers are happy I am sending them stormwater books. Yes!

- My boss is super happy with my progress and thinks I am tackling my tasks well.

- I am 40 days depression free. Woot woot!

Pablo said...

Dear Vanessa,

Great seeing you here. I'm happy I'm not borrowing a laptop. The one I had prevented me from writing comments in other blogs.

It is encouraging hearing all the good cheer you've given a gaggle of grade five teachers and your boss at work.

Kudos to you----you are overcoming depression. Thank you for dropping by, I appreciate your visits!

Carl H said...

Dear Innkeeper, and All,

(Dear Vanessa, You may or not already know this, and for what it may be worth, in biblical numerology, the number 40 has been long believed to represent separation from darkness, evil, etc. Both the Old and New Testaments are rich with examples. So three cheers to ya; what a grand milestone for you to celebrate indeed!)

Today I am grateful for...

1. A wonderful chat with my sales manager; a meeting of minds and hearts, and inspiration to build a western market sales team with two other kindred colleague-souls.

2. Spiritual support that seems to flow of late somehow; selling exotic Japanese fish merely by "showing up," as Woody Allen once mused.

3. Wisdom to modify my overly ambitious work day in favor of "easy does it, first things first, and breathe!"

4. The tiny apricot buds magically appearing on our row of once barren trees, thanks to my wife's "green-thumb," and some generous hydration.

5. The cloudy gray, late afternoon horizon promising much needed rain to further boost the vitality of our fruit crops.

6. The welcoming sight and sweet scent of seasoned oak firewood-smoke curling up once again from our ancient, moss covered -field-stone fireplace chimney, perched high above this, our "keep," and "safe haven of serenity" we call the "Inn of Gratitude."

Carl H said...

Today, Wednesday, March 20, I am grateful...

1. One son decided to NOT do what many around him thought he should do. Regardless of the outcome, it is a healthy step for him in becoming decisive and finding his own voice; restoring his ego strength. Its his decision and outcome to own, and that's key.

2. His decision reminded his Mom and Dad of the importance of Letting God and Letting God.

3. This also reminded us of the Three G's, in regard to "managing" or "trying to control outcomes" of adult children; "Get Off Their Back, Get Out of Their Way, and Get On With Your Own Life!" I love that one!

4. I had my first Five Guys Burger and little basket full of salted, roasted peanuts in the shell, in over 2.5 months, and WOW, how they do bury In 'N Out!

5. I had enough energy after work to hike around our property over 7x (like Joshua and Jericho) and do 50 stair step exercises. After all, I had to at least pretend to be trying to burn off that burger, not to mention the morning doughnut I devoured at my desk.

6. I may just have a quiet evening at home for a movie.

Pablo said...

Dear Carl,

I'm praying for continued success at work. I know the new arrangement is a challenge. I'm impressed with the spirit that you are approaching the situation. Many would have sulked, pouted or maybe even quit. You certainly have an attitude of gratitude!

Regarding your second comment. I'm sorry to hear about your second son's change of heart regarding a matter that could have been a great help for him.

I'm in agreement with you----sometimes detaching with love is the best thing we can do.

The Innkeeper

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