Thursday, April 7

Questions from the Innkeeper .......................4/7/11

  Good evening everyone,

A moment ago I got in. Tonight was terrific. I shared with others about what we can do to grow in those areas where we struggle.  You know, areas like anger, resentment, isolation, depression.  Other than that, I didn't cover much ground. Crazily busy was this day, but good. I had in-depth meaningful conversations with people I never knew until I met them today.

    Okay, I have questions for my friends.  What, you weren't expecting this? You should know by now, I enjoy mixing things up. I hope to hear from those I address and those of you who know me from SSS and drop by as Silent Readers.

     Here I go:

In general:

Any SSSer's like to say hello? I'd love receiving a comment from you.  Many are dropping by. Could you leave a housewarming gift for this inn, by posting a quick comment?

In specific:

Alan, are you there? I hope you're enjoying your trip. Congrats on your anniversary!
CindyR, are you there? How's your precious newborn grandchild doing? Have you been able to stay true to your SSS meal plan?
Coop, how you be? How's your business going? How is your daughter doing, the bride of 12 months?
Daisy Duke, how is your volunteer work going, what is the biggest surprise you've received as a result of you spending time there. A belated happy birthday to you and your hubby.
Dexter, I enjoyed our delightful and surprising conversation. What subject would you like me to cover in this place? Happy Birthday to you!
Kira,  I'd love to know how the  gulf is doing since the big your neck of  the woods.
Odie, what has been your high point for this week? Thanks for your enlightening comments on Monday.
PCF, what do you think? Let's arrange a time to have lunch. You've my prayers.
Paul, Scooter,  How is the business going? You've my prayers. Will you ever have any direct contact with John Maxwell? I interviewed with him back in 1997, for a position overseeing small groups.
Phyllis, what was the biggest surprise you experienced this week? Are you enjoying continued success with achieving your goals? How can I support your efforts? You probably know I responded to your comments in the comments section of the post.
Rendy, are you lurking around this inn? I'd love to hear from you. Congratulations with your daughter graduating from college, soon. Has she decided where she wants to go for grad school?
Thag, would it be possible for you to share a turning point in your life? Thanks for the mail. It was great! I could learn a lot from you that would help me improve this place. I could use assistance.

Here's to communicating,


jpkennerk said...

Goodness, am I the only one to respond to all those questions? I don't know of any surprises this week for me. Things have been pretty mundane other than my mom is having some health issues which is a stress to deal with. And yes I am still doing well on my new plan. 12 lbs. lost since March 9th with a total of 62 lbs. Keep praying for me to keep up my success but more so that I can deal with what may lie ahead as far as my mom. Her mind/memory is starting to fail a little and that is always a worry, especially with her living alone. Thank you for showing concern and care for me. Makes me feel good.

Thag Jones said...

Sometimes I think all life is a turning point. I am having a hard time coming up with a single thing, because there are so many I could choose from. AAGGHH, I'm stuck! OK, just pick one...

I have been trying so hard for so long to wrap my head around faith. I've gone back and forth between trying to work it out and giving up and just choosing atheism so I could stop going around in painful circles. There have been scattered instances of light shining in, but one I remember is this: I think it wasn't long after or before I booked my flight out of Portland where I was living with my husband (it feels funny to even type that now, as I usually refer to him as "my kids' father"), I was sitting in the spare room despairing of the whole thing, feeling without hope and desperate. The sun was shining in, I remember the room, and I just felt this presence, something like love and being held, and I believe that was God rescuing me from my despair.

I don't remember what I was thinking and I doubt I was praying but I don't know. It came and went, and at that time I hadn't really learned that that's how it works and that faith comes when there isn't such an overwhelming presence, but when I got back to Toronto I did go to church a few times before dropping off and just kind of going on with life.

I suppose in the end I chose faith just as I had chosen atheism, except that I came to the realization, after some more years of circling the drain, that having been saying "I can't do this alone" (raise kids, get through life with sanity intact), I didn't have to do it alone, I could trust in Jesus. Things have been lighter to carry since then.

Thag Jones said...

Oh, forgot to mention that in my despair I was having a lot of pain as well - my back was all messed up from stress - daily fighting and yelling and name calling, which I really hate and totally stresses me out even on an odd occasion, so when it's relentless like that for months.... It took 3 months after leaving for the pain to go away.

I'm soooo thankful to be able to pray now. I just didn't get it at all before.

Paul NorthernCal said...

Nice to see you back. As time goes on, the elderly frequently get more frail, as may be the case for your mom. Sorry to hear the news. I know it puts more pressure on you. Have you thought of getting your mom a caregiver? There are agencies that provide that type of care. Even if the person only drops by twice a week, it provides a needed respite for you.
You probably know the first thing to go, for the elderly is short-term memory. They can talk about their experiences in the 40's, 50's, etc. However, you may find them repeating themselves about something they just said.
Congratulations on dropping 12 lbs.!!!Woo hoo! Are you able to vary what you're eating? Will your current plan work out as a Liveit?
I'm happy to support you any way I can, including praying for you and your loved ones.

Paul NorthernCal said...

What a great post, Thag. Thank you for sharing a special moment in your life. Yes, that was God’s love embracing you, in your hour of need. I enjoy your honesty. This moment you describe is akin to the passage that says,"Be still and know I am God." Ps. 46:10 It also reminds me of the following, “Prayer is no matter what position our body is in, that our soul is on its knees. “ Victor Hugo.
I’m glad you aren’t experiencing as much pain, now. It’s interesting how much stress can find its harmful way to our body, soul and mind.

jpkennerk said...

Thank you Pablo for your prayers. I am proud to update my loss to 13 lbs. And yes, next week I will add back even more foods and by the last phase I will be eating the same foods as on SSS so I would call it a "live it" program. I just needed to get away from the pizza and chocolate (as you know, my favorites). Those will still be there someday, just not now. And I must say, I have wavered. I have thought about chucking it all a few times but then another pound falls off and I stick to it. And you're thinking, alternatives girl, alternatives. You'd be proud, I do use those too.
Have a restful weekend.

Thag Jones said...

Oh, I like that Victor Hugo quote, so true.

Anonymous said...

I just posted a full page and it wouldn't accept it. I'm bummed!

Anonymous said...

I will try this post again...I have been busy w/my yard lately and enjoying our Spring watching the newness of life surround me. Our dogwoods are amazing, I think I could have the Dogwood Festival here at my house. HA! We celebrated our birthday's by having a nice dinner out and him giving me a hummingbird feeder and I gave him a John Deere tractor windhime. It's the small things that we cherish as much as the big things these days. My volunteering is going very well. I got to unload the monthly delivery truck w/16 boxes of hams. What a blessing to give these hungry people a full blown ham! Everyone will have a wonderful Easter! My widow friend & I have an ice cream social this Sunday and I have been given the "go" to take her on a country drive. She can't wait! We will do a drive-thru of her choice and enjoy each other's company thoroughly. The Lord has blessed me and answered my prayers regarding what I can do to 'give back' and love on these people. Anyway, I pray you are well my friend and will post again soon. God bless you!

Paul NorthernCal said...

You are on a roll! Kudos to you. This Liveit sounds pretty effective. I would not mind "wavering," if I had the results you now enjoy.
I'm encouraged you're applying what we learned in the Innkeeper's Challenge. Yes, I am proud of you. I'm thinking of creating a closed blog for former SSSers and to continue the challenge I started there, as well as allow us to fellowship with the special focus SSS offered. What do you think?
I'm heading off to see a movie. So, I am taking it easy. I just got in from giving a talk at a nearby town.

Paul NorthernCal said...

You might want to get the book, "Power through Prayer." Excellent, small and powerful. One quote:
"We are as strong spiritually as we are in our prayer." If we are weak in our prayer, we'll also be weak spiritually.
Good to see you in these parts.

Paul NorthernCal said...

So good to read your posts. Thanks for dropping by!
"I just posted a full page and it wouldn't accept it. I'm bummed!" How did you get that post in, if the others were not accepted?
Looks like you are hard at work, burning calories while doing your gardening and yardwork. Good for you! It must feel good seeing the results of your efforts.
Did you see what I posted for you in the Connection Thread? I posted Happy B-day greeting. I was able to enter SSS until yesterday. I still have 20 pages saved to my RAM memory that I'm copying to Word Documents.
You must feel good about the volunteer work you do. It's very needed, right now, in this economy, many are going without basic necessities. Your work probably reminds you not to take anything for granted. Have fun on Sunday. Will it be your load day? Are you still staying true to your SSS?
I love that we are still connected, even after SSS closed. I enjoy the fellowship and connection we share. I appreciate your prayers. I can always use them. Thank you, for thinking of me.

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