Thursday, April 7

Expressing Myself: Creating an Opportunity .....4/7/11

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     Hi everyone,
The weather is on the cool side today----55 degrees. I just got in from work.  Soon, I'll meet with some friends, at 8:00 p.m., Left Coast time. As most of you know, I ask the visitors to this inn to please share at least three gratitudes. For those who are new to this site, I ask you to share only one gratitude.
My Gratitudes for Today:
1.  The work I do is deeply satisfying  Someone recently needed help in her interactions with her estranged husband----it was satisfying seeing the light going on in another, them seeing healthy alternative actions that allow them to address their needs.
2.  Another woman I worked with was besides herself because she was the victim of gossip among friends.  I explained to her that when we need the applause of others to feel good about ourselves, we're giving them power over us. We have value simply because we breathe the breath of humanity.We learn to say our truth and leave the results up to God.
3.  We don't need to accept unacceptable behavior.  We can share what troubles us and do so with kindness and courtesy. We say what we mean, mean what we say but we don't say it meanly.It's important taking the time to decipher our needs, feelings, values and behavior.
Being With Friends, Speaking the Truth, Gently
It's Less Frustrating, When We Do

      I luxuriated in a relaxing time with a friend last night, at a cafe, for a few hours.  It was nice unwinding after a busy day, spent with many people. Days like that put me on sensory overload. I was grateful for the opportunity to decompress.
"A friend is one who knows us, but loves us anyway."
~ Jerome Cummings
       I'm thankful that, when I was visiting with this person I took care of myself. This other person spoke for 10 minutes. I couldn't get a word in. 

     I said, "I need to interrupt you.  I'd like to say something." Then I did. I never did this as a child or young adult; I wasn't allowed to. I'm happier, having a voice, and expressing it. It's entirely different way of relating from how it was when I was young. By the way, the other person didn't mind.

  I like the saying:
"If you feel like a doormat, you need to  get up off the floor." 
4. I'm thankful for respecting myself and my needs while still being polite and courteous when with this friend.  

5. Yesterday,  I received a pleasant surprise in the mail. I got a letter and photo from a friend.

   With the opportunities we have at isolating, be it using iPhones----texting, messaging, or searching the web-----with hours that can slip by, exploring the Internet, or other ways that prompt us to tune out the world, whether it be living in a cocoon of music---iPods inserted in our ears,  or by  watching TV or streamed-to-our-home movies from Netflix, or playing video games, its encouraging when we connect with others, through personal visits or old fashioned, using-a-stamp mail. 

     Believe it or not, I use fountain pens. Imagine that.  I find there's value in having a 20 second vacation in the midst of my day, as I take the time to write a word in Uncial, Italic, or Gothic script, just to make that word leap from the page as I write that memo or fax cover sheet.

      I look forward to hearing your gratitudes. Please let me know your response to this post, even if you read it months later. I learn from your insights. I love it when you post your gratitudes!

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