Monday, April 11

Food for Thought

My gratitudes for today:

1. I'm thankful for a healthy fear of food. Yep, food. Many commercials on the tube show gigantic pictures of hamburgers----they are loaded with bacon, cheese, maybe even two patties of beef---to be accompanied with sugar-laden soft drinks and a large size of fries. Some nutritional seductions from Madison Avenue entice us with all-we-can-eat shrimp, lobster or what-have--you, for only $10.99!  No kidding, no thanks.

2. I'm thankful that awareness of the fat, sugar, carbohydrate and salt content of food allows me arrive at a healthy weight. It prevents weight gain, mainly by rejecting excessive portions of food, or other edible goodies that are detrimental to my waist, heart and longevity.

3. I appreciate drinking water, exercising, eating sensible portions and straying from junk food. It's a terrific way to make amends to years of eating unhealthily. Goodbye Whoppers (chocolate malt balls), adios pizza, and toodle-loo milkshakes, sugar and potato chips. Welcome to eating sanely!

4. On a non-nutritional note,  I'm enjoying terrific weather, here, on the Left Coast.

5.  I had a business meeting with another person that went swimmingly.  I was glad to experience cooperation, teamwork, harmony, tranquility and humor, especially in light of what I witnessed last Thursday night.

     How about you, what gratitudes do you have? By the way, I want to welcome the person from Malaysia who dropped by to visit this room. Keep coming back!


Phyllis said...

Good morning from the Right Coast (FL).
1. I am thankful today for the great feeling I have after walking my 3 miles this morning. I know I am getting healthier every day I do this, along with following a good eating plan.
2. I am grateful my clothes are getting looser and looser. I see a shopping day on the horizon.
3. I thank God for giving me the stamina and determination to handle the temptations that come along. And to show me the way to deal with daily stresses so they don't sabotage my efforts that I've worked so hard to achieve.

Paul NorthernCal said...

Hey there, Phyllis!
Thanks for dropping by! I wrote you a letter yesterday and my computer went crazy. I had to shut it down, losing what I wrote. I hope it wasn't a virus.
You are walking three miles. That must feel great, knowing you are investing in yourself through consistent exercise.
You never know, you might be able to go shopping in your closet, finding clothes that once didn't fit.
I enjoy reading about your persistence, as you stay the course with your overall plan for a healthier life. I pray the alternatives you have, for moments of temptation, allow you to persevere. Hang in there, and congratulations on your success at resisting unhealthy food choices! The pizza and chocolate await for you for that time when you can enjoy a load day.
"Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels."
Good to hear from my Right Coast buddy!

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