Saturday, August 8

The Innkeeper is Mending ................. 8/8/15

     I'm back.

     Sort of.  Happy, too.  My wrist still is narcissistic, demand-ing every bit of my attention.  As most of you know, I broke it nearly two weeks ago. Semi-normalcy never felt
so good.

What have I learned?
1.  A one-handed world is a terrific opportunity to practice patience and gratitude.  Really. Now, turning a page in a book, holding it open, while taking notes, carrying groceries and turning the ignition on in my car will never be taken for granted.

      Also, putting my seat belt on, when I go for a drive.  Thank God for teeth, real ones. I bite the seatbelt---holding it in place---while contorting myself, using my good hand to jam the silver fastener into the seat belt holder. More about my teeth later on in this post.
2.  Living a left-handed-centric world does not interfere with connecting with friends or God.  In fact, life immensely improved during this season when the right hemisphere of my brain is working at full tilt.
3.  My left-handed self shook hands with and gives a lift to the wounded parts of me.  Unable to button my pants, tie my shoes, buckle my belt or tuck my shirt completely, I am.  Shaving the way I normally do, or typing escapes me.

    Yet, there's plenty that is good about my plight.  I am grateful for the mobility and flexi-bility  I have.  
4.  I am touched by the caring kindness of David.  He dresses me in the morning, delaying his daily schedule so I can be properly attired.
5.  During this season of wearing a sling, with a wrist brace poking out from it, people are leaving money in my mouth, when standing in public.

     I've made enough money to pay for my visits to Starbucks.
6.  My right armpit is more valuable than I realized. It grabs my thermos, allowing me to twist off its top, it carries books and papers when I am on the go.
7.  My teeth help open child-proof medicine bottles. I hold the tabs with my left hand and twist away, using my mouth.
8. Joy is not physically related.  My love for life, optimism and zest for each day is not abated by the contin-ual burning pain in my right hand. (Ana-tomically, the wrist is a part of the hand.)

     I'm tired.  Goodnight.  I will see you tomorrow.  Please leave your gratitudes they make a happy innkeeper.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Innkeeper,
Thank you for your post. Thank you for sharing your experiences of having to use your left hand. Your new experiences have been very enlightening.

I am grateful for:

1. A week of vacation. I especially enjoyed our stop at Big Sur. It was invigorating.

2. Caring neighbors who watched over our home.

3. A wonderfully, short yet powerful video that talked about healing trauma by transcending it with more presence. Wow! My conditioning has been searching for solutions, when in actuality it's simply beyond the searching.

4. Being able to do my laundry at home.

5. My wife who planned our trip and three, strong yet sensitive boys who were able to enjoy the trip without any major issues.

6. An amazing, wonderful, and inspiring counselor and friend. I appreciate your posts and the time and effort you put into them.

Thank you, Pablo.

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