Sunday, August 2

Survey of Last Week.................... 8/2/15

      I love staying present, discovering what is, not controlling outcomes.

      What a horrible way to live, being manipulative.  Recently, I was with someone who "knew" my mood.  I was sickened by how this person was convinced that her judgments---based upon her baggage---let her know
what went on within me.  She was totally clueless.  Was her attitude annoying.

      I avoid relating with people convinced their illusions, judgments and interpretations are reality.

      Being in touch with my feelings and wants allows me to be whole, experiencing life fully.  I am in touch with my senses.  I don't interpret them.  Nor do I allow my baggage to distort reality.  I let my feelings tell me what needs of mine are being met, or not met. I express my wants.

      Conscious and aware people seek out other conscious and aware people with whom they can relate.  I keep my distance from controlling people.

My Highs For The Past Week
1.  Exercising patience towards myself.
2.  Being loved in many ways this week.
3.  Receiving cards and food from those who care for me, after they found out I broke my wrist on Monday.
4.  For pain killers. Even though I have been in constant pain since Monday night, I do not care to imagine how much worse I would feel without them.
5.  For seeing many laugh and smile because of the conversations we've shared.
6.  For friends, with whom I can be honest and authentic, for receiving their loving support and wisdom.

That's it for tonight.  I'll rework this tomorrow.

How About You?
What were your high points for the last week? 

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