Friday, July 31

Between Reverie and Reality..... 7/31/15

The Fairmont Hotel. Opened in 1906.
     So much to say, only my left fingers to type with.

    No, my right hand was not amputated. I broke its wrist, with a Barton fracture.  First time I ever cracked a bone in my body. Since 10:00 pm, Monday, pain
is my constant companion. A continual dull burning plagues me, along with an itch underneath my wrist brace.  I am going crazy.

    The outpouring of love received since this accident has been over-whelming. And nutritious.  Many have brought meals to my home.  I can't cut or hold anything with my injured hand. making it impossible to cook.


Laurel Court Restaurant. It is inside the
 Fairmont. My date and I had dinner here.
  I find myself between been reverie and reality. Needs for connec-tion, closeness, honesty, and inti-macy---not met in ages---are being satisfied, making a happy innkeeper.  I journeyed to the Fairmont last Satur-day, enjoying a sensational evening.  While there, with my companion, we scaled heights of authenticity not reached with others.

    The opportunity to see how stupid I can be, I learned lately also. This humbling lesson was tempered by phenomenal and inspiring sessions with clients. They in turn were counter-balanced by torture from someone who means much to me. The results were my feelings stretched on the rack of disappointment.

     And yet, I am happier than ever.

A Request

      I am tired, needing rest.  I will work on this post tomorrow.  In the meantime, may I invite you to please share your gratitudes? It would make this bone-weary innkeeper happy.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Innkeeper,
I am grateful for:

1. An amazing counselor and friend
whose attitude of gratitude in trying moments is

2. Being able to take my family to Disneyland
next week. Although my adult mind is skeptical
about Disney, my three boys will enjoy it,
especially my youngest.

3. To have been able to work at a job, although I disliked
tremendously, paid more, and with my accountant
I was able to get a nice tax return for the trip.

4. The Alameda Creek Trail. I am able to get
a lot of exercise in and talk to a few neighbors.

Thank you!
Mr. Kent

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