Wednesday, July 8

How to Have a Rich Life...................... 7/8/15

    Surprise.  I nor-mally post late at night, after my evening is done.

     Having a rich life is not about money. It is about living life fully. Abundance is not in how much we have, but in how much we enjoy.
    A mixture of feelings percolate within. The main thing is I am hap-py, more than content.  Over-joyed, in a quiet way,
I am.  Life's path for me is rich, filled with deep connec-tions, I enjoy the intimacy I longed for as a kid.  And no, sex is not intimacy.  Often, it is the farthest thing from it.

        I am taking a break between sessions with clients,
writing this.  Thank you, the many daily visitors from Russia and India.  Your stays are appreciated.  Same with you from Germany, the Ukraine, France, Portugal, South Africa and the U.K.  I am touched by the hundred who drop by daily, from my country, the U.S.  Visits to this inn of gratitude from all of you make my work as innkeeper worthwhile.

    I'd love hearing from my international guests.  What you have to say is important, they would add value to this place.

Gratitudes at This Midday Moment:
1.  Joy for the deep chocolaty richness that fills my life. I have terrific friends. True intimacy marks my interactions with others.  I am able to talk using my left-handed language, primarily using the right hemisphere of my mind.
2.  My life is thriving.  I am able to ask for what I want, when I realize I have a need. Another part of thriving is growing in my recovery-based sensitivity towards others.  I am guarded by boundaries. They allow me to not lose myself when relating.
3.  I, almost daily, am touched by the kindness of others. Their thoughtfulness and tenderness towards me are tremendous deposits in my love bank.
4.  I love the sense of peace and presence that fills my life.
5.  I appreciate the emotional safety I enjoy. The internal growth I experience is the result of connecting with healthy others.  I surround myself with others who cherish me and let me be who I am. They have no desire to change me.
6.  I enjoy the freedom from fear I know because I am present. I  don't let negative, fearful mental chatter rob me from enjoying this day, this hour, this minute, this moment,

      I'll visit with you later. I have to get ready for a session with a client. 

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