Monday, August 31

High Points for Last Week.............. 8/31/15

Highs for the past seven days: a survey.

1.  I made time for rest.  Sleeping more, going to bed earlier.  Balance is critical if I am to thrive emotionally, spiritually, mentally and professionally.
2.  My right hand is improving. In constant pain, I remain since July 27th.  But the deep, persistent burn is not as intense.  My wrist was broken when I fell off my bike and extended my two hands out, bracing myself as I
crashed into street.

      My grip is getting stronger. However, I still cannot turn a doorknob, to open a door with my right hand.
   Typing with both hands is now possible.  More range of movement with my hand and wrist helps me do things this week that I couldn't for a month: buttoning my pants and shirts, tying my shoes.  I now can fasten a belt, and am better at scrubbing the left side of me when showering. (Before, I used my left hand.)

      Everyday actions I took for granted, I no longer will.
3.  I am internally referented, abiding by my feelings, wants and values.  I do not let others opinion of me define who I am or determine my moods. I do not placate others.
4.  When relating with others, last week, I sought to know what is best for both us. I am not interested only in what is beneficial for me,   Nor do I deny myself, only looking at what is best for the other person.  I want to do what is in the best interest for everyone. That is Tradition 2 in recovery, something I have learned through being a consistent, dedicated member of Al-Anon Family Groups for nearly eleven and a half years.
5.  Several opportunities to react in the past seven days.  I am thankful for principles that help me be emotionally mature.  It allows me to stay and be comfortable with negative feelings.  I do not rush to conclu-sions.  I state and see things as neutrally as possible, relying upon my senses only.

        Interpretations and conclusions about other people's behavior and comments are never experienced, they are imagined.  And usually, we interpret the events and comments---especially disturbing ones---using our emotional and historical baggage when doing so.  Not a good recipe for clarity or accuracy.

       No interpretations of me by others are wanted.  I rather relate with an individual than having that person try to control me with their subjective judgments.  I live in a judgment-free zone.

How About You?
What were the best things that happened to you last week?

I am exhausted. I'll re-work this tomorrow, Tuesday.  Good night.

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Thumper said...

Hello Pablo,

I am working on not placating others because that is a form of control. I am tired of trying to be what I think others want me to be. It is exhausting and above all inauthentic. What a release to be able to recognize that I have been doing this since I was a little girl and recognizing that I want to change.

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