Thursday, August 20

The Innkeeper is Semi-Normal...... 8/20/15

    Got home fifteen minutes ago, from Sacramento, a 180 mile roundtrip (293 km).   I went for continuing education.  Whew!

Gratitudes for Today:
1.  Every day, the wrist I broke in late July improves.  Right now, I can't grip more than five pounds of pressure, if that much. But that is progress. I am becoming more
competent, physically, better able to take care of myself.
2.  My right hand is like a dummy hand. It tackles simple, baby tasks.  Even then, like when I am holding a plate---while doing dishes---my hand endures holding it for five seconds.  Then pain visits again.
3.  Three-and-a-half weeks after my cycling accident, I can button my pants. This means I can use the bathroom more often.  That is a relief, providing more ease for my day. And how.
4.  Semi-tying my shoes, the innkeeper can do as of this week, if done loosely.  I am unable to pull on shoestrings hard, with my right hand. It's safer, walking with tied laces. The chance of stumbling, and breaking my other wrist is less likely.
5.  More empathy for those who break their bones, I have.  More compassion, too, for the pain and inconvenience that goes with having a major fracture. My perspective of life is widened.
6.  I wrote a poem today.  The first in five months.  The previous two years there was a resurgence of capturing feelings with verse. I am more alive, when in touch with my emotions.
7.  My trip to Sacramento included my good friend Stuart, whom I have known since I was 23. Laughing, connecting and spending time with him was a tonic for my soul.

How About You? 
What are your gratitudes for today?

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