Friday, November 4

Lunch With a Friend and a Satisfying Day

     Good evening everyone,

I just got in.  Thank you for dropping by to keep me company. I'm posting a bit later than normal.
Well, I've made a few improvements, can you tell?. Today, I had lunch with a friend. It was an excellent time. The hour and a half sped by. It was good getting to know this person more completely. The food was good, too.

    Tonight I gathered with a group of buddies. A close friend of mine showed up unexpectedly. That was a nice treat. I've stayed home more, this past month. I'm venturing forth, now that I've gotten my home in better order. I moved in only two months ago.

My Gratitudes for Tonight::

1.  I'm glad that I initiated  the arrangements for the luncheon I had today. I enjoyed the free-flowing conversation and I liked depth, breadth and the sincerity that marked it.
2.  I'm thankful for God's provision. Work has been going well. In this economy, that is not to be taken lightly.
3. I went to the movies. I saw an intelligent movie that did not have violence or graphic sex scenes---it's nice knowing that films like the one I viewed are still being made.

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