Wednesday, November 9

Making an Impact: A Source of Joy

The German Countryside
    Good evening,

My day went well. It was fulfilling and emotionally satisfying. In the morning I took care of business. Later, I met with a friend.

    Afterwards, in the evening, I spoke before a group. My body is still out of synch---the Daylight Savings Time has done a number to my body's sense of rhythm.  I'm exhausted and in HALT.  After these sharing these gratitudes I'm heading for bed.

1. I got a report from someone I help professionally. I'm happy hearing she's using the growth she's gained, as a result of our time together, to deal with issues she has with a professor in graduate school. I appreciate her honesty, integrity and presence of mind that allowed her to arrange a meeting with her, three other professors in her department, along with the one that has been a source of conflict.

       Learning how to have her voice has made her happier and emotionally stronger. I'm grateful I can help others as they go through their journey here on earth
2. I'm glad that I pushed through and prepped for tonight's talk, even though I'm mentally tired. I was happy to speak on a subject that I like---restoring the years that the locust have eaten: overcoming difficult moments in our past.
3. Today, I met with someone I mentor.

       Our time was marked with cooperation, healthy, open communication and closeness---times like these add zest to my life. I'm amazed at the growth I witness in this person's life. He is much happier, less dependent upon others for the source of his joy. He's taking a good look at areas in his life that have hindered him from enjoying life fully.

      That's it for tonight. Would it be possible for me to hear your gratitudes? That would be terrific!

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