Sunday, November 27

Recovering from the Holiday, A Happy, But Busy Innkeeper

“Gratitude is the memory of the heart.”
Jean Baptiste Massieu

1.  I had a terrific Thanksgiving with my sons. It's not often that all four of us get together. One son in particular is extremely busy. We spent six and a half hours together.
Seeing their smiles, all of us working together on the meal, sharing laughter throughout the afternoon and evening was amazing, satisfying. I'm happy about the connection, humor and love we share.

2. I've been working on my home. It's looking better, each day. I'm able to appreciate my new place---I haven't lived here long.

   I love the town where I live. It's safe, has plenty of places to visit, it's an island town, so I'm surrounded by water. the vista's from the beaches are wonderful. The homes in this town are lovely, too.
3. I went to the movies. Saw a good film. "In Time."
4. I've added new software to this inn. They now let me know what cities my viewers come from. It's nice knowing some of you are from the nearby cities El Cerrito, San Jose and Cupertino. Thanks for dropping by
5. A crowd of you dropped by yesterday, close to 700. 

    I've been working on this place. You probably noticed the new tabs. Already, many of you have used the category and alphabetical indexes. I try to make this an inviting place for each of you, my guests.
6. I'm happy I took care of several projects related to this inn. You'll note that I've expanded the alphabetical inndex.
7. I was glad to have an honest, caring, open conversation with one of my sons today, while we were doing dishes and cleaning up from the recent holiday. (The house was put to a test and I'm still getting it back in shape.)
8. An unexpected guest dropped by my house. She noticed the improvements and enjoyed them so much, she didn't want to leave. I'm happy the place is more serene, has less clutter and is cleaner than it has been . (I inherited some issues, when I moved in.)

    I hope your weekend was enjoyable, mine was. So, what are your gratitudes? Would it be possible for you to share them? I like the community and fellowship we share, when you do.


Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you, my friend. The holidays gather family & friends and way too much eating. I pray for a thankful and grateful heart daily. I pray I give thanks to the One who provides it all. He is so good! I fell into a "lazy" funk, but with good SSS friends they have pulled me back. I'm thankful to them. Heading back to CA to see the kids & family for the Christmas holidays once again. All is well and glad to be back on plan. Your friend, Lisa/Daisy SSS

Paul NorthernCal said...

Great to see you, Daisy Duke!

Thanks for dropping by. Good to see you back. There have been several improvements made to this inn since your last stay in the inn.

I bet you've had fun riding your motorcycle along the beautiful country roads of Tennessee.

How is your daughter doing in school? Did she finish her Anatomy and Physiology class?

Hope to see you drop by, soon!

Your friend,

The Innkeeper

Lisa McKinnon said...

Pablo, you have a wonderful site here. Chock full of information on your insight. Good job, my friend!
The riding has been amazing until last month when I either broke my little finger or sprained it to the max! At least it is on the throttle side and not the clutch. HA! Still quite sore and swollen on the middle joint area. What a drag...
Brittany got through both those classes and received her AA in Micro-Biology Sciences. Getting through Spanish 2 well but had to drop Statistics. Will try again next semester in January. Then that will complete her Community College and will take a break and then may return to Northridge University and get a degree in Nutrition. Still having stomach issues, so it would be a perfect occupation for her. Time will tell. She is enjoying the restaurant business today. Thanks for asking about her.
Glad to hear you enjoyed sharing great moments with your sons. Getting together with mine in a few weeks, can't wait!
How is your weightloss journey coming along? Sounds like you moved into a new place. Your photos are lovely! You are a man of beauty and appreciate it. I like that! Take care my friend! Lisa/Daisy (since my post is by a # and letters)

Paul NorthernCal said...


I apologize for not replying sooner.

I'm having a hard time accessing this area of the inn. I can access the administrative part of it, which allows me to write posts. However, when I try commenting, I get a message that the server is too busy and I'm timed out. Ugh.

Today, blogger gave me a rare window to get in the comments section. I'm able to respond.

Sorry to hear about your hand. I hope it's feeling better by now.

Eating healthily is important. Which means I cook SSS meals at home, and don't eat out much. I exercise regularly.

I use my gym and walk. Alameda is a great city for pounding the pavement. Lots of pretty streets. I ride a bicycle, using it for everyday errands, too. Much better than using a car.

I hope to increase my routine, working out an hour a day. I'll be patient and gradually work towards that goal. Feeling better and improved sleep always happens when I exercise. It makes my efforts worthwhile. Thanks for asking.

Lisa, I don't know your e-mail address. Can you mail it to me? My address is Thanks.

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