Thursday, November 24

The Focus of Thanksgiving Day and Freedom from the Corrosive Power of Bitterness .....................11/24/11

       Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

How are you? This day is fantastic----its focus is what this inn is about.  I like this holiday; enjoying it with family and friends appeals to
dearly held values: closeness, community with loved ones, emotional warmth and celebration of the good things life offers. I'm writing this post after tending to Thanksgiving Day tasks early this morning.  I'm adding this post before the day gets crazy..

    I'll see about exercising, later in the day. I know I'll need to, after eating what's planned for this day.

    I enjoy this day where we give thanks.  This is not Turkey Day. That sobriquet misses the point. The goal today is having heartfelt appreciation for His providence.   The gratitudes expressed over the past eight months in this inn demonstrates there's much we can be grateful for.  Thank you, each one of you who drop by, even you Silent Readers.

      I know you'll enjoy your day, as will I.  A terrific Thanksgiving Day, is my wish for you. May God's blessings and a spirit of gratitude be yours, is my prayer.

My Gratitudes for Today.

1.  In the midst of the holiday stresses, I'm thankful for the peace God offers.  It transcends our circumstances.
2.  I'm give thanks for family and friends---including many of you here, in this community.
3.  I'm thankful for parents who loved me, for sons who cherish me, for friends with whom I share laughter and heart-felt conversations.
4.  I treasure the decades-long  friends I've have.
    Discovering new friends are a joy------but many are just acquaintances. Old friends, who've known us through weal and woe---when we've had success and experienced challenges---are rare. They provide uplifting and nurturing of another sort and are wonderful to my soul.
5.  I give thanks for the gifts God gave me: those are my abilities.  What I do with them is my gift to Him. (John Maxwell)
6.  I'm thankful for the values of home, hearth, faith, confession, knowing God's forgiveness. 
7.  I'm thankful for my beliefs. They are a gift.  I didn't seek out God. 
   He found me.  Many today minimize God, spiritual values and morality.  I'm grateful my faith allows me to enjoy life fully and empowers me to do far more than I could if I relied upon my strength alone.
8.  I'm thankful for my grandfather, after whom I was named. His faith precipitated mine.  His spiritual heritage did not teach him about relating with God.  Miraculously, as an adult he learned how.
9.  I'm thankful for my grandfather's prayers, I'm convinced God answered his prayers on my and my family's behalf.  
     He died before I was born. Yet, I'm confident his prayers brought forth a miracle. Even though surrounded by a family that had no clue about spirituality-----they knew religion and liturgy, but nothing about faith---- I discovered how to have a relationship with the God of my understanding.
10.  I'm thankful for my relationship with the Almighty.  I'm humbled He reached out to me as a bewildered, young man.  This is the greatest thanks I have on this day which commemorates all gratitudes.
      If you'd like to know more about having spiritual connection and how it can become your experience, drop me a note.  I'll share what worked for me. 
Perspective and Forgiveness Frees Me From the Corrosive Power of Bitterness
      I thank God for freedom from the corrosive power of bitterness.  Rancor's grip I elude, when I forgive.  I don't forgive others for the offending party's sake. Nope, I do so, for mine.
"You can't hold a man down without staying down with him."  Booker T. Washington
       It helps remembering those who sought my hurt or caused harm to me----in my past---were in grips of a disease. Perhaps frustration, anger, or some other form of emotional intoxication.  They may have responded out of  past traumas in their lives. 

      I don't take others attempt at abuse personally.  Unpleasant behavior from others simply reveals their values, history and worldview.  I'm not saying I tolerate abuse.  I don't.  But I have no right to dish it out, either. While still being courteous, I detach.

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