Saturday, November 5

Slaying the Dragon of Fear

We have too many men of science, too few men of God. We have grasped the mystery of the atom, & rejected 
the Sermon on the Mount (Do to others asyou'd have them do to you.). The World has achieved brilliance with-
out wisdom, power without conscience. Omar Bradley.  (Photographer Tim Blessed's caption. Image:  
"Cumbria: End of the Road Bridge."  All rights reserved, used by permission.)
      This recent comment would be lost among the older posts I've written, although it's still the most actively read post with more than two thousand and thirty-three of you having looked at it. Lowry's comments are found in the "Still Learning" post. For those who write, you'll usually find a reply in the next post.

     Thanks Lowry, for sharing how you slay the beast of fear. Having goals, documented plans definitely helps overcome dread. Especially when we get the support of others who know our plans. Without writing our goals down they are dreams and not goals. You might note I used the word support, not accountability.

    I find support easier to receive, when I'm vulnerable. I find accountability likened to a sheriff. When fearful, encouragement is easier to accept when facing a seemingly insurmountable task than yielding to the coldness of the law---obligation, due to accountability.

     My greatest growth occurs when I'm able to place principles above the vulnerable parts of my personality. What is great is that each time I do it gets easier, and I become a bit stronger. It's that progress not perfection part to life working within me.

    Thanks again for dropping by, reading and commenting,

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