Friday, July 1

Random Gratitude Thoughts and Bon Mots from the Innkeeper (Also this blog is featured by a new organization.) 7/1/11

  Good evening,

Eight hours of sleep, I had last night; it felt great. I don't know if you can tell---- that's not something I regularly do. My body and mood felt rested throughout the day.

      My gratitudes before the clock strikes midnight--I'm slipping them in, under the wire:

1.  I relish the way my body feels. I'm glad I took care of myself and slowed down.
2.  An especially wonderful time with friends last night made my
week. It's satisfying being with others who are caring, warm and authentic.  I'm glad this is a routine: Thursday nights we get together.It's a time where I take care of myself, by attending.
3.  A new client is using my services.  I appreciate the opportunity to serve others. My business is growing, always a cause for thanks.
4. I listened to a talk yesterday-------- learning things I never heard before. The topic was positive and uplifting. I went with several friends and we had great fun, together, the time flew.
5. Some friends popped up, recently, a couple and their twenty-something son.  I haven't  seen them in a year. Connecting with them put some loose ends together. I wondered how life was treating them. I found out
6. For an online world-wide news organization, an article from this inn is featured.  Click here to view it in this news organization. It's below the article on the Power of Three Little Words, which is a fine article in itself.  They found me, I didn't go after them. My post is the first, of four featured blogs. Check it out and wish me well. Initially I'll write columns as a stringer. Eventually, I may become a correspondent. Thank God, for variety in my routine.
7.  I met with a friend this evening. We went for a ride, spent time together and enjoyed one another's company.
8.  I had a business meeting with someone who can be quite labile,  yesterday. The outcome was positive. I wasn't sure how it would eventuate.  I'm grateful I did my best and trusted God for the outcome. Obsessing about an issue does not help. Faith helps.
     Okay, I shared my gratitudes, may I ask you to share yours? It would be great hearing them.

        Here's to having a great and grateful weekend,

           The Innkeeper


Kelly said...

You have a lot of gratitudes! That is really neat about the site that is featuring the inn.

I'm grateful for growth, especially when noticeable, but even when not.

I'm grateful for weird, little, maybe-not-so-coincidental things that are probably part of the bigger picture that make me feel good about who I am.

I'm grateful for my ability to read and the unlimited readable things at my disposal.

Paul NorthernCal said...


Hi there, again! Being grateful is a learned skill/habit. The more we do so, the stronger our gratitude muscles get. There's much we can be grateful for, if we only slow down to appreciate the little and large gifts that God gives us in the course of a day, like when you son smiles at you or when we hear the chirping of a bird.

I like your gratitudes. Your second one is enigmatic, I'm not sure what you had in mind, but sounds like you do.

I'm grateful for your insights and being a part of this community, when you drop by.

Did you notice some of the improvements I've made to this inn? Also, can you tell me how you are able to place a link in a comment? I think you might know how. Any help would be great.

Keep posting! Have a terrific Sunday!

Kelly said...


I think I noticed improvements, but it might be my absentmindedness being not so absent! Like the recent comments and the way that you can now click 'see more' to see the rest of the blog posts from the main page...I'm thinking these are new features. The background seems new, but, well, I'm not sure! :) Sometimes the best improvements are ones that you can't quite put your finger on...people aren't really fans of change, and when things change to the point of a noticeable difference, it is hard to get used to and it can be quite off-putting. Well, for me at least.

As for my enigmatic gratitude, I plan on blogging about it because it was several little things that all seemed to be part of a bigger much to really spill over here at the inn, I'm sure!

And the trick to leaving a comment is simple, but I always forget just the exact combo (and it is hard to type it out for you here without creating a link) so I google 'link in blogger comment' and the blogU is the second one is the most straightforward.

The coding for it will tell you to replace the URL with the address and then the Title with the title of the webpage, but there you can write whatever you want the link to say.

Here is that helpful BlogU site I mentioned. :)

Hope that helps!

Paul NorthernCal said...


Sorry, for not replying right away to your latest comment. I didn't see it, it was in my spam folder. Blogger probably saw the link as spam.

1. Right you are, regarding the " more" feature. This allows more posts to show up on the front page of this blog.

2. The background hasn't changed, but the forest of trees above is new.
3. Please feel comfortable to spill away; it sounds like the basis for a terrific gratitude.
4. Thanks for your help about putting a link in a comment. I now see the possible down side: google may consider it spam, like it did yours.
5. I feel sheepish to say that I don't know how to replace an URL.
6. I knew I've seen you place a link in a comment elsewhere! Thanks for your help. I'm learning.
7. How was your fourth? I got in less than an hour ago.

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