Tuesday, July 12

Slowing Down; Removing, Inspecting and Placing a Fomerly Spinning Plate in the China Hutch: Taking Care of Self: The Circus Season is Over .........................................7/12/11

      Hello everyone,

My computer crashed while posting, all I wrote is lost. It's frustrating when that happens. I'm not in the mood to practice patience: I'm tired. Otherwise, this would be a good time to do so. Knowing my limits, however, is also a form of self-care. I've had a good day; but it was long. I'll try
reconstructing what I wrote. 
      Today, I had a session with a client that I met for the first time last week.  I like being  practical in my work. Getting a lot done----addressing his needs and seeing concrete alternatives to his struggles with isolating, anger and forgiveness was satisfying.

      Afterwards, I flew to the city of San Rafael, in Marin County, north of San Francisco. I attended a meeting that is strengthening the business aspect of life. Attending provides me with greater clarity regarding my finances. I enjoy the growing competence and effectiveness in these areas.

     Lately, life has been simultaneously spinning multiple plates on several poles. I'm not a big fan of multitasking. Click here, for a good article regarding this.  Living in the fast lane is not for me.  Give me balance, ease, joy and tranquility. I prefer those qualities above the white-hot nature of urban, Western Civilization, ipod-in-your ears and pressing-the-flat-screen-of smart phones-at-all times living, anytime.

     Tonight's meeting helped me take one plate off one pole. I'm inspecting this plate of finances for cracks. It's now firmly placed in the China hutch of my life. Slowing down life's pace is self-care.  It adds to my serenity and equanimity. Having more ease and a less frantic pace allows me to slow down and celebrate life more. The alternative is not taking care of myself, which is a form of debting.

     I like being alone. I need time to think and process the bus ride of life.  But, I also know I can't successfully make this journey alone. I have faults. I even have faults I'm not even aware of.  I don't have the psychological or emotional distance with myself that allows me to accurately see the areas where I want to grow.

     So you can see why I was where I was, tonight. Being with this group strengthened me. I spoke with many, that I didn't even know, a week ago. (I attended this meeting for the first time, last Tuesday.)  I remembered most of the names of those there. (There were thirty-five, but who's counting?)

     I even corralled a woman on her way out. I remembered her from a conference I went to in Mill Valley, a few weeks ago. I enjoyed the visit we had then. I also found someone who may mentor me. He's spiritual, mature, has a sense of humor and is humble. That would be a welcomed change; I'm usually the guy who gives.
My Gratitudes:
1. I'm getting rest in a few minutes. Ya ay!
2. I'm speaking before a group of people tomorrow night. That's fun, I enjoy service. We benefit, when we do service. I like the stimulation that public speaking provides me.
3. I enjoyed the time I had with the new client, today. I love challenges and being able to respond to them.
4.  I went grocery shopping this evening. I went to a place where the food is the same brand as other stores but the prices are 30-40% less. Can't beat that. I like being an efficient shopper and a good steward of my resources.
5.  More visitors are dropping by the inn. Welcome.  Having a growing community is always nice.

How About You? 
1. What do you like about your work? What satisfies you, when you show up at the office?
2. How do you invest in yourself? I went to a meeting tonight. I learned things that will help me run my business better.  I'm a professional caregiver; it's important to balance this part of me by focusing on me and my needs.
3. In what way do you slow down the pace of life? For me, I read books. I write letters the old-fashioned way, with a fountain pen, paper and stamps. I don't watch TV.  I don't even have one.  I breathe, meditate, pray, walk and bike.  I take time to enjoy the sun setting into the nether reaches of the Pacific Ocean
4. What is an area of your life that you are working on?  I've been focusing on my vision, which includes my family, relationship with God and business.
I look forward to hearing your answers.


Kelly said...

It's nice when a new meeting really clicks, isn't it? And that is neat that you may have found a new mentor. Good for you! You need input and gentle guidance just like the rest of us human beings. :)

I'm grateful for the support I have in friends and acquaintances in the blogging community.

I'm grateful that I decided to switch therapists because my new therapist seems to be a good match.

I'm grateful for this unease within me that won't allow me to just stay stagnant.

Paul NorthernCal said...


I like your consistency. Regularly, you post your three gratitudes. I like that. I enjoy the community that is builds in this place when you do so. I like the mutuality of hearing from others, after I've spilled bits of myself on this computer screen.

Thanks for supporting the vision of this inn, with your gratitudes. I hope more readers are moved by your example and post their gratitudes, too. It makes a happy innkeeper. :->

My next post will be a result of your comments, here. Thanks for inspiring me. Stay tuned, I will talk about growth in my next post.


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