Friday, July 22

The Innkeeper is Going to See Ballet 7/22/11

    Good afternoon everyone,

I hope you're having (or had) a delightful Friday. The weather is a gorgeous 73 degrees with no humidity, mosquitoes and a cool bay breeze. No sweltering heat, here.

     A business meeting took up my time, earlier today.  Since then, I've spent time at home, writing and editing. Some of you know I'm working on a book. My editor wants to take a look at what I've done since our last meeting. So, I'm a busy guy.  Meeting with her is always a time for brutal honesty on her part, and growth on mine. Life would be much easier if I had a copy editor, then I could really fly with my writing. Not so, in this case; at least, not yet.
      Working out on my gym is on tap. Getting some grub, heading out to the opera house in SF to watch ballet, follows.  A good friend is joining me. Can't wait. You'll notice that I've included new accommodations to this cozy inn. I hope they allow your stay here to be pleasant. On the sidebar, to your right, I've added some stand alone text related to different subjects mentioned here. I trust they'll be helpful. This is just the beginning. The Attitude of Gratitude Inn will be adding additional material, as time goes by.


My gratitudes for today:

1. I'm thankful for all of you who drop by. I want to thank the visitors from Nigeria. This is the first day I've received guests from the African continent. Welcome!
2. I'm impressed with our Malaysian readers. The readership from there has been growing and consistent. Thanks for checking out this place, each day.
3. Greetings to visitors from India, Indonesia, and the good ole' U.S. Let me know how we can improve this place. I'm open to your feedback.
4.  I'm grateful that Josiah posted comments yesterday. Thank you for your honesty and insights.
5. I miss my friends: Phyllis, Lisa, Toni, John chapter 10, Eli, Thag and others.  How's that a gratitude? I'm fortunate to know each of you. You've added to my life.
6. I'm appreciate Kelly. She's been an stellar example of my vision for this place. She consistently shares three gratitudes, each time she drops by. Merci, Kelly.
7. I'm happy I'll be visiting the beautiful city by the bay, San Francisco.  I look forward to a night out on the town.
8. I love my life. It has never been better. I'm thankful for the serenity, tranquility and peace I enjoy.  I especially celebrate I'm taken care of and I have a God who loves me dearly.

       Okay, Silent Readers, what are your gratitudes?

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