Sunday, July 10

Basking in the Kindness of Others. Not Going it Alone, Part II 7/10/11

Healthy support from others is like the sun shining through on a
cloudy day. Click on the image to get a larger, unimpeded view.

     How is everyone?

Yesterday was marvelous, miraculous, magnificent and moving. The resultant gratitudes:

1. I marveled at the uplifting support I got from several professional colleagues as I addressed an urgent, pressing, practical business issue yesterday.  I was comforted, supported, inspired and strengthened. All this while in the midst of an occupational storm. I experienced a miracle because I did not "Lone Ranger" yesterday's situation.
       The Lone Ranger was a terrific TV series; but, it isn't the ideal way of getting through life's journey. We were meant to be in relationship with emotionally healthy, supportive others.  The benefits of of having such friends paid off yesterday.

2. Saturday, was miraculous in that, I called others, and, right away---while traumatized by a professional problem---- I benefited from insights received from professional colleagues.

     Calling a friend is a great resource in times of need. I spoke with five people living in five different cities. Immediate help was the response.  Instead embarrassing me ( I feared they'd think I was an emotional baby), each caller was practical in their wisdom and encouraging. This innkeeper is indebted to their competence and helpfulness.

3. Yesterday, was magnificent. Seeing others rally on my behalf, in the moment of crisis was a stunning experience. I didn't know what the outcome would be when I dialed my friends, three of which I've known for only a short while. I found the results far beyond whatever I could have achieved tackling this problem alone.  I'm humbled they took the time to respond right away. I'm grateful for the benefits of fellowship.

4.  I'm moved; I'm basking in the kindness demonstrated this weekend. It comforting knowing  a network of others who respond when called  upon. Yesterday, their experience, strength and hope regarding business allowed me to overcome a difficult, demanding, overpowering customer (I have a side business: I write resumes, have down so for decades. It's usually fun, not so, yesterday).

     Their support transformed my problem from a crisis, to a life empowering moment.  I prefer leaving drama for the movies. Because of the advise I received, I got a healthier, proactive, perspective, and acted calmly, from strength, not fear.  Thank God for the blessings enjoyed when we live in community with others who are wise and supportive. We weren't meant to live in isolation..
  9 Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor: 10 If either of them falls down, one can help the other up. But pity anyone who falls and has no one to help them up. Ecclesiastes, chapter 4
5.  I know serenity because I don't make decisions alone. I have others who are committed to my welfare, who are part of my supportive network. It's helpful talking with others, drawing from their perspective and wisdom.
6.  I'm glad that dignity and respect are a part of all business dealings I have with others. I only work with people I like. Making a buck isn't worth being mistreated; I'm not destitute.
7. I treat others with courtesy and respect, I expect the same from others. I'm grateful for my boundaries and the fact that I don't accept unacceptable behavior.
8. I'm thankful that God prepares the way for me, when facing a difficulties, I just need to stay in touch with Him and follow His direction.This requires regularly having my Quiet Time, where I'm able to exercise spiritual disciplines including regular study, prayer, singing, meditation, praise, worship, solitude and silence.
9. I enjoy each of  you who drop by, even you Silent Readers. I wish each of you a great and grateful week. Keep posting! 

Image: Countryside: Revealed  by Tim Blessed © all rights reserved, used by permission

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