Monday, July 25

Help Needed. Some Are Unable to Post in this Inn. Any Ideas? (Also, not being triggered by others, being loved as I am, and humility allows me to grow.) ...7/25/11

The great men and women of history are remembered, not because they never failed,
but because they didn't let their failures stop them.   (Photographer's caption)
     Can someone please help readers of Attitude of Gratitude?  For some reason, there are readers of this inn who are unable to post. Any idea what's causing the problem? Please pray tell. One friend, tried three times this weekend and gave up.
I'm sure these frustrated readers will be grateful for any suggestions that remedy this problem.

Anne, please write back and share how your interview goes Tuesday.
Cynthia, what did you like best about this weekend?  
Josiah, thanks for the comments you posted last week.
Judith, if you're reading this, you found the right place. Good to see you, tonight.  You've my prayers and you are not alone. 
Kelly,  how are you? What was your high point for this week? I grateful, receiving your help. But, boy, you stay up late, are you having a hard time, sleeping? You're keeping Left Coast hours.:-> How's Myles?
Phyllis, thanks for your letter. Mail from me, you'll have, by the time you read this.  You made my day with your missive!

1. I'm thankful God loves me just as I am, warts and all, even though I don't have warts.(I did as a kid, when I handled frogs. Compound W solved that.) An amazing thought, that is.(No, not the warts.)
2. I'm grateful for the kindnesses I receive from many people, including you readers.
3. I celebrate that I don't get triggered as much as I did, when I was a kid.  As a youth, I reacted to the unkindnesses of others. Now, I know other people's behavior is a statement about them, not me. I'm thankful for the sanity that recovery from codependency offers.
4. I appreciate that I respect myself enough to not accept unacceptable behavior. Last week I almost engaged in a deal with someone whose way of behaving did not meet my need for sanity or emotional safety. At the last moment I cancelled the transaction. It's much nicer when we are able to see brewing trouble before we get ourselves immersed in it.
The prudent sees danger and hides himself, but the simple go on and suffer for it.  Proverbs 27:12
5. I'm glad that this inn received visitors today from China, Malaysia and England. Welcome! Especially to our first-time visitors from China.
6. I wrote a local columnist. He sent me an e-mail within 9 minutes. I enjoy interacting with other writers. This guy's writing I like. His personality is pretty good too. He's kind and open, as well as humble.
7. I in awe with how God works all things together for good, that humility helps me to grow. Let me put it this way, my pride get's in the way of any growth in my life. By myself, I don't have what it takes.  I realize I don't accomplish much, if I rely upon my power alone.
8. I look forward to visiting San Rafael tomorrow. I join others there. We're learning how to grow in the financial areas of our lives.

Image: "Walk in the Woods"  by Tim Blessed © all rights reserved, used by permission

Have you ever noticed that I usually don't use the same word for gratitude twice, when I list my gretitudes? 


Kelly said...

Paul- Regarding the problems commenting...I read somewhere someone saying that they heard (so this is all hearsay) that changing the commenting setup to the popup style leaves less room for problems. That can be changed under settings: comments. I've also rarely had problems on the full page style comments. I always thought it was a matter of preference, and I think some people's computers just respond differently, to be honest. There could have been a glitch with blogger or your reader's connection...there is really no way to tell unless you have multiple readers complaining of the same problem or if they were receiving a specific 503 error or something of the sorts.

My highlight of the week has probably been therapy, today. I'm going to try and write about it.

I try to stay up late because it feels that after I put Myles to bed is the only time I have to myself...and I am a late night person by nature...but I think I need more nocturnal rest.

Let me see....

I am grateful for little pieces of hope, no bigger than a mustard seed, in myself and my happiness.

I am grateful for the fact that I had the determination to clean out my car, expelling one whole laundry basket of stuff that needed to come inside.

I am grateful for all the friends that have checked in on me, including you and your suggested readings...especially ODAT page 13, which was already starred and underlined.

Paul NorthernCal said...


Thanks for your ideas regarding problems with posting. I adjusted this inn to see if your ideas will do the trick. Hopefully, it will reduce frustrations on the part of many who've been unable to post, and we'll start seeing more comments.

I look forward to your commentary about your time with your counselor. Thanks for posting three gratitudes. Realistic hope is always good.

I'm glad you enjoyed the references I gave you; you might want to check out page 189 in Hope for Today and page 359 in Courage to Change, as well as pg. 260.

The innkeeper has you in his prayers,

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