Thursday, July 28

Others Don't Determine Our Worth ...................7//28/11

    My gratitudes for Thursday:

1. I'll spend time with my two younger sons and my friend Kevin, tomorrow evening. They'll join me as I return to Armida's to sing once more.

 We don't get our worth by how others treat us
      I had a difficult time with someone today.  I wish it weren't so.  This person has been unkind, quite a bit, lately, prompting me to distance myself from him. I asked if we could be courteous towards one another and he waved me off, telling me to leave. No, I'm not thankful for this event. But ...

2. I am grateful I was able to process this person's behavior with a friend, talking with her on the phone while I walked for 30 minutes, this morning.

    The first thought when mistreated this morning was: "Breathe."   I exhaled the lack of courtesy and dignity that I experienced.
I didn't take his comments personally.  Next, I was mindful of the following quote:
I block my own well being every time I base my self-worth on what I do or what other people think of me.  Courage to Change, page 118
      These words are helpful when the cold water of unkind words are tossed in my face.  People sometimes are in a foul mood. The principle quoted helps me release any drama that wants to float within my head (You might want to look at the suggestion in this link, regarding dealing with drama.). When someone mistreats us, it's not a statement about us, it's a statement about them, the victimizer.  I'm glad I took time to respond, and not react. I'm also thankful I removed myself, immediately, from this person's toxic mood.

3. I'm tackling an interesting task and am having fun with it, tonight. What I'm doing is trying to solve a complicated puzzle. I'll stay up tonight, completing it. I'm grateful for persistence, creativity and determination.
4. I'm impressed with those who visit from Malaysia. They've dropped by close to a hundred times this month. Wow. Thank you! We've had more than a thousand guests from the U.S.drop by in July and 10 from the island of Guernsey, which is in the English Channel, of the shore of France. I'm glad all of you have dropped by.
Not to mention the many visitors from other nations who've cooled their heels in the inn. 
5. I'm grateful for a letter I received from Phyllis and Kelly. Thanks, guys!
6. I'm happy that my life is improving. There's something on the horizon that will make my life more bearable. More to be revealed.....
7.  Many are enjoying the posts listed by category in the sidebar. The readership of the inn's newletter has tripled this week. The popular post tracker reveals that many of you enjoy this feature. I'm glad it's helping you find your way around this inn.
8. My youngest son (who's 19) and I will visit with a friend of the family tomorrow. He has a wonderful sense of humor. Can't wait!
9. I'm thankful that I'm following through on projects. I'm placing principles above my personality. (This gratitude is related to number three, above, didn't you know?)
10. I'm thrilled that Phyllis, Josiah and Kelly each shared at least three gratitudes when they dropped by this week. That's the first time I've experienced this in triplicate! That was cause of me to faint. I'd love to see us develop momentum in this area. Thank you and murky buckets! (Merci beaucoup.)

    Okay, I gotta go. I'm busy with a project that's stimulating my mind and exercises my wordsmithing. I'm turning it over to God as I go along. I value the support I receive from my friends. I look forward to completing this task. In the meantime, I'd appreciate your prayers. Thanks!

    So, what are your gratitudes for Friday?? Let me hear from you!

 Image: "Gold" by Tim Blessed © all rights reserved, used by permission

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Paul NorthernCal said...

Hello Lisa,

Thanks for dropping by! Good to see you. It's been two months since you cooled your heels, here. You might want to list the location to Attitude Inn on your favorites.

Please keep in touch. Drop by more often, we're here to support you. Phyllis, CindyR and I, along with others, care about what you go through. Remember we aren't alone. It's also humbling remembering that there's no humility in self-will. We are not able to overcome life's challenges by going it alone. In addition to God's help, we were meant to be in relationship with supportive, encouraging, loving others---our Balcony People.

You might want to check out the panel in the right side bar, here. The one about dealing with difficult people and handling stress. Take a look at the one: "Getting Through the Day." I care for you and want the best for you. I hope to hear from you again. Remember you are not alone. I'm happy hearing about your successful weight loss. Life is treating me well. I exercise daily, watch what I eat and use my gym. The results are good. Send me an e-mail. I don't have yours, so I can't write you. Once you mail me, I'll know where to send you a letter. Let others you know from SSS know about this place. I'd love visiting with them. Drop by again! If you are in the Bay Area, we could visit. Let me know.

The guy from the Left Coast

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