Wednesday, July 13

Today Is An Anniversary 7/13/11

Being that this is a special day, I thought I'd show you a picture of the exterior to this inn. What
do you think? My back hurts me from pushing the lawnmower, grooming the lawn for this shot.
    Good evening,

How was your day? I spoke this evening. It was fun. I had some clients travel to hear me speak at this public event. I wasn't expecting that. I spoke about staying in the solution and how we want to invest in ourselves by taking the time to learn principles that will allow us to overcome the weaker areas of our personality.  I  mentioned that complaining only makes problems loom
larger and more disturbing; I shared how we can get rid of resentment and self-pity.

      Later, I joined friends who had attended the meeting. We ate dinner together and hung out. I was with them until 11:15 p.m.

     How are you? Please let me know any topics that you'd like us to talk about here. As you can see in the topic library, to your right, below, we've covered plenty of topics since this inn opened. But we can always improve. If anyone would like to be a guest blogger for this inn,  let me know. I'm open to that idea. Share with me your ideas and we'll see if we can work out this possibility.


       This is a special day. This is the fourth month anniversary of this inn. Thanks for dropping by and sitting a spell, as you read what's shared here.  It's nice seeing new visitors drop by. We had guests from Palestinian Territories, Guernsey and Jersey, two islands off the coast of Normandy, over the past few days. Welcome!

      Most of the visitors to this inn are from the United States. Over three thousand visitors have come from the nation I call home. Thanks for checking out this den of encouragement. Canada and Malaysia are the next most frequent visitors, several hundred, each. This is followed by guests from Australia, Germany, the U.K., India, Denmark, Finland, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Argentina, Indonesia, Thailand and Brazil, in that order, in terms of frequency. 

      During the four months this inn opened its doors, I've grown.  I'm learning how to make this blog more effective. I didn't know anything about links or the paint program I use for posting photos---this has been a learning experience. Thanks for bearing with me.

     I'm not the person I was when this blog started. How about you? Since March 13th,  I've grown in knowing, more clearly, my vision for my life. I've been taking steps that are consistent with my vision and I'm delighted seeing terrific results!  I've learned more about me as a result of this gig as an innkeeper.  I can't wait to see what the year has in store for me.

      I've gotten to know some of you, through your comments.  The English photographer, Tim Blessed, granted me permission to post his photos. It helps spruce up the walls to this inn. Thank you, Tim!

     Thank you, Silent Readers, for joining me in this journey where we regularly exercise a heart of thanksgiving.  Okay, I've expressed more than three gratitudes. I'll head off for bed.

      May you have a great and grateful Thursday. Please keep posting!


Kelly said...

Happy Anniversary! You cut a nice lawn. ;)

I love Tim's pictures. Maybe we could use one as the header?

I'm grateful for this inn and whatever it may be doing- tangible or otherwise- by building relationships or drawing out gratitudes or just gathering pertinent information out of your brain.

I'm grateful for the smattering of rain we received. It wasn't much, but it was nice to hear the sound for a minute or two.

I'm grateful for the day I was able to spend with my family yesterday. It was nice, low-key, and simple. Those days are hard to come by, but are so easy to cherish.

Paul NorthernCal said...


There you go again, making my day! Thanks for reading and posting. I especially like you posting three gratitudes. It will be awhile before anyone will be able to top your record at doing so. You're making this innkeeper happy. Thanks!

I'm happy to hear you had a swell time with your family.

Have you thought of doing a rain dance, with Myles? It might be a good source for photos and discussion with your young son.

Have a great Sunday!

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