Saturday, December 6

Ten Antidotes to Worry, Fear ........ 12/6/14

   I am tired.Con-cerned.  Worried even.  I will focus on what makes me thankful.
1.    Not reacting or catastrophizing when hangups appear.
2.    For love received from
I'm lucky. 
3.    For a cat who thinks she's my girlfriend.  Con-stantly wanting affection, in a sweet, silent way. Always by my side, loyal.
4.   For expressing what is alive within, and my needs when I am having a hard time with someone.
5.    For the beauty, fulfillment and joy my profession provides.
6.    For being able to serve in varied ways, the inspiring nature of my work. My life counts. I live to be missed, when I'm gone.
7.    For dealing with disappointment, knowing how.
8.    For a great rela-tionship with an extraordinary person.
9.    For God's deep, gentle, gracious, patient love towards me. It is humbling, experiencing it.  It is not that I deserve it.  It is simply his grace, flowing out to me.
10.  Gentleness towards self, when I don't accomplish all I thought I would in a given day, week or month.
11.  For going on a trip, soon.
How About You? 
What are your gratitudes? I'd love hearing them. 


Anonymous said...

Dear tired Innkeeper,
Wow,even though you are tired you still managed to leave eleven gratitude's.How can I not write mine!
Here goes...
1.I was treated to a movie.A true story of a young woman who decides to hike The Pacific Crest, in hopes of getting her out of control life back together. liked it a lot!
2.I was also treated to dinner by a very kind friend.
3.And ...that's not all.I was treated yet again to a,Polish Dog smothered with sauerkraut!Yum,Yum,Yum!
4.I saw the most beautiful rainbow that I'd ever seen in a long time.
5.I spent time with friends at a Wednesday Al-Anon Family Group meeting.This week we celebrated a friends birthday with a very beautiful and delicious birthday cake!Yum...again!


Pablo said...

Dear Jane G, from Yorkshire,

How does it feel, to be treated to a movie and dinner? You and I have something in common. I love saurkraut, too.

It looks like you have lots to be thankful for. What is something you look forward to, this week?

Two to go! Thank you for sharing what makes your heart sing. I am overjoyed when guests to the inn post three gratitudes---fulfilling the vision of this place; you shared five. That's even better!

A happy innkeeper,

The Innkeeper

Superman said...

Dear Innkeeper,
I am grateful for

1. Playing Christmas songs with my oldest son on our guitars. We also covered a current, popular radio tune. My son strummed the ukulele on that one.
2. For a wonderful wife. Very grateful for how we tag-team to maintain the family household.
3. For the two hours of solitude this afternoon: Filling my van with gas for the week, enjoying a large cup of green tea, walking twice around the Newark lake, and finally spending some time in meditation, listening to Christmas music and admiring the scene around the lake.
4. For Psalm 19.
5. Rumi poetry:
"When my pain became the cause of
my cure
my contempt changed into reverence
and my doubt into certainty.
I see that I have been the veil on my path.
Now my body has become my heart
my heart has become my soul
and my spirit, the eternal Spirit."

Thank you!

Thumper said...

Hi Pablo,

Love all of your posts!! Fortunate am I to have the opportunity to read and learn from the innkeeper!

Here are my gratitudes...

1. My heart sang as I took my family on a much needed trip away for 3 days! There was much laughter and bonding.
2. For my childhood friend Liz, who is an excellent listener and "gets"me!
3. For being able to have lunch with the friend mentioned above.
4. For new friends that make me laugh and for whom I can share with authentically.
4. For learning to love myself.

Pablo said...

Dear Superman,

Your son is lucky, learning how to play the guitar at a young age. It must feel good, creating music with him. Good for you, you carved out time alone and took in nature also.

What about Psalm 19 struck you, that you could use? I had to ponder over the poem by Rumi. Rather dense.

Thank you, for giving me a visit. I always enjoy your comments.

Pablo said...

Dear Thumper,

Wow! I am doing a happy dance, Jane G., Superman and you posted five gratitudes each. With eleven in my post, we have twenty-six, so far. I love it when the inn is filled with thankfulness!

You must be happy that you were able to create memories with your family over the holidays. You probably feel good, being able to connect with someone who has history with you---your friend Liz. It also sounds like your life is rich in many ways. Family trip, long-term friend and creating bonds with new people in your life. Many treasures you have.

Lastly, loving self. So easy to overlook. Critical for our emotional health. I am happy you are bursting with gratitudes! I appreciate your regular visits. It makes the work I do here worthwhile.

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