Tuesday, December 16

Patience Tested---I Am Getting Stronger ....... 12/16/14

          Full day of work, depleting me emotionally and physically.  I'm worn out. Wasted time this evening, prepping and driving to Alameda to see a client. She bailed out, due to depression.  Maintained my peace of mind, in spite of this happening.

         Pushed on, pushing a
grocery cart tonight, getting needed
food. I made Precious, my cat, prettier, earlier today, brushing away gobs of hair from her body.  Now, she's wary, hiding in a corner of the kitchen, her back to the corner, intensely watching my movements, fearful that I might brush her again. She'll get over it, she knows she's loved by the innkeeper.

        The most extraordinary person I know, I'll talk with tomorrow.  But I'm not.  Instead, we'll visit by texting, due to no privacy at her place.  Better than nothing, I think. My mind races as I have multitudes of questions.  And I am tired. Can't think---my brain hurts.

        After posting this, I'm off to bed, rising at 6:00 a.m., giving me time to prep for the conversation.  Too many loose ends.  Tomorrow's late morning textversation is important.  Clarity is critical for my peace of mind.

         I've suffered from migraines the past four days----in the evening.  Not common for the innkeeper.  My brain hasn't been this scrambled, due to pain, in more than ten years. I'm sure sleep will stop the cranial woodpecker from pounding on my head.

1.  Today is a red letter day.  Someone made a huge decision today, turning her life over to God.  She spoke with God, letting Him know she needed divine help.  Her life was unmanageable.  It was my privilege being with her as she opened her heart to God in a way not known before.
2.  Sleep. It's restorative powers.  It allows me to thrive, physically.
3.  Tomorrow's textversation.
4.  For what was once unnatural patience.  I did not like driving twenty miles tonight, in the rain, in vain.  As the outcome unfolded, I instead focused on what I need to do to prevent this from being less likely in the future. Becoming angry or agitated would not help matters any, at all.

How About You? 
What are your gratitudes for today?  Please share.  I love it when you do!

   That's it.  I'm beat.  I will re-work this tomorrow. Come by, after my conversation, you'll see.

         A tuckered out innkeeper,
            The Innkeeper

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