Monday, December 8

Dips and Turns Are The Stuff of Life. Avoided the Fangs Of An Emotional Vampire 1,000th Post ......... 12/8/14

The Giant Dipper at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk
Innkeeper's Note:  This post is the one thousandth. Wow.  And I have sixty-three drafts I haven't posted.   I like celebrating milestones.

     Thank you, for your visits.  It means much, making what I do here
worthwhile.  I hope the next thousand posts offer the encouragement and insights you need to enlarge your Attitude of Gratitude.


       Life is good.  Even when challenges assault my happiness.   Life's disappointments do not pierce my equanimity, as hard as they try.  Dark times are followed by uplifting moments. Such is life, having its dips and bends. I accept it, not catastrophizing when sucker punched by circumstances.

       My sanity and serenity stay intact.  I am the Attitude of Gratitude guy. I'm resilient.  What makes this internal peace possible?  What allows me to have a peace that transcends negative circumstances?  Resting in God's presence and being bolstered by good company.

       The past eight days has been a roller coaster ride, a Giant Dipper experience.  Luckily, the Dramamine of recovery and connecting with God has kept my stomach in place---barely.  I thrived, even knowing joy---see Thursday's post.   Unfortunately, it was followed by unpleasantness that drained me mentally, emotionally.

       It's easy, because of my friendliness, to overlook that I am strongly introspective.  I did not say introverted----I more than hold my own in social situations.  But, I draw strength from within.  I spend much time alone.  I need time to process the abrupt turns and dips endured while riding the roller coaster of life.
       Recently I tangled with an emotional vampire.  I did not know he was until too late.  Again, this is where good friends propped my soul after it was punched, knocked to the floor unexpectedly.

      The Dracula I wrestled with tried piercing the neck of my sense of self with fangs of false accu-sations.  His values and projections compelled him to tell me that I was a bad person.  Wow.  I was taken aback.

        Afterwards, I was lucky, receiving loving support.  Troubling feelings that percolated within, I voiced while with friends.  They warded the hurtful vampire away, with the garlic of truth of who I am, while nurturing me with the broth of love.  I'm grateful for the bridge of Balcony People who transport me back to emotional safety, away from the chasm of condemning judgment and unsafe others, whose values are distorted, twisted.

       My friends listened as I shared my troubles.  They cared. They encouraged, while I was disturbed. No disparagement.  They joked, but they did not stab at my dignity.

       A soul-saver during this recent crisis was realizing my powerlessness.  Letting go. There is one God.  I am not Him.  He's committed to my happiness and welfare.

        Hey, I am human.  I have plenty of areas to work on, to better my life.  Problems with others work out best when expressing my truth, stating my feelings, what I want, and what I don't want.  That's keeps the focus on me. Equally, it's important hearing their response, finding out their feelings and needs after hearing me out.

        I am not interested in manipulating others.  The uniqueness of each person I respect.  My joy is melding differences with others in a co-creative way.  It unburdens the weight on my emotional shoulders, allowing me to have greater intimacy and an Attitude of Gratitude.

How About You? 
What is your response to this post? 


Thumper said...

Dear Pablo,

I am so happy that you were able to receive loving support from your balcony people! I am finding out how important it is to have them in my life. They keep me afloat when I begin to sink into worry, anxiety and despair. I am so very grateful for them and I consistently try to reciprocate. Recently, I reached out to someone in despair at my place of work. This person most definetely needed a kind soul, someone to trust and listen. My compassion comes from my difficult past and my recent experiences with my new balcony friends that I know I can count on. It feel so good to give back when I can! I am grateful.
Pablo, you are in my prayers. Sending positive thoughts your way!


Pablo said...

Dear Thumper,

I agree with you. Getting help from those who care about me helped me calm down, after being upset.

Isn't it great to comfort others with the comfort with which you were comforted? I am happy hearing that you are having a positive impact upon others. I appreciate your prayers, too!

Thank you, for dropping by. A grateful innkeeper,

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