Wednesday, December 31

The Year In Review 12/31/14

   This year in review:

1. Life was richer. My soul soared more than ever.  I had more excellent times with loved ones, clients and friends than any other year.
2. I wrote more
poetry than I have in fifteen years.
3. My patience grew.  I lived less by projections and more by being present, experiencing what is.
4. I was less frustrated. I improved my ability at expressing my feelings and wants, deepening my connection with others.
5. I discovered the betrayal of someone I mentored for three years.
6. I helped many to go beyond what was preventing them from achieving their vision.
7. In April, I ended twenty-five months where I didn't drive a car, even though I had one.
8. I was continually reminded to rely upon God. My wisdom, commonsense, training, education isn't enough. My life is unmanageable until I realize my need for Him, my spiritual bankruptcy. In myself alone I cannot handle life.
9.  I helped more than seven people who were suicidal this year. They now enjoy life more fully than they ever imagined.
10.  I moved into a five bedroom house.
11.  My business thrived. I have more clients from around the world, using Skype.
12. I was gentler towards myself.  My image of my ideal self includes compassion, grace and patience.  Over the past ten years my ideal self has transformed from a tyrant that could not be pleased to a source of comfort. A huge change.

     My ideal self now encourages the wounded parts that dwell within me.  These vulnerable areas are now surfacing, becoming healed and transformed, because it is safe for them to come out from hiding.  They no longer live with shame.  They know acceptance with grace towards themselves.
13. I lived in four different places in six months.  Whew! Even so, life was fabulous.  Peace and joy does not come from the absence of conflict but from our ability to cope with it.
14. I was happier than I ever have been. The upcoming year will be even better.

How About You? 
How would you sum up your year?

That's it for tonight. I will work on this later.


Superman said...

Amazing year, Pablo! I would like to thank you for your service, dedication and care for others. I have made much more progress last year, and I thank you for guiding me. Being around someone with recovery is a blessing. I have some ways to go, or maybe not.
A month ago I was in a bookstore, and before leaving, I took some time to look for a bookmark with a saying that I could connect with. This is something I do not usually do. Perhaps it was because of a book I found that brought great joy. After about ten minutes, I decided on a bookmark. I couldn't quite understand what made me decide on it, but it just felt good. The bookmark read: LET THE POWER THAT CREATED YOU HEAL YOU.
Many blessings to you in 2015!
Thank you!
Mr. K

Pablo said...

Dear Mr. Kent,

I'm sorry for not replying sooner. My computer is broken. I'm borrowing one from a friend for a few minutes to squeeze this in.

Thank you, for your kind words. It is my joy working with you. I appreciate the way you process life, the way you think. I look forward to you celebrating the Great Big Life you want and deserve. It will happen this year!

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