Saturday, December 27

Inventory of the Past Week............ 12/27/14

      How was your Christmas?  Mine was fine, spent with someone dear Thurs-day morning and with the family in the afternoon, evening.  This holi-day will linger until
tomorrow afternoon, when a major and joyous event takes place with my two younger sons.

    The end of the week is when I often do an inventory of the past seven days, its highs and lows.  Here they are: 
1.  Fantastic time with friends and family. Enveloped by love as I spent time with them. 
2.  Being true to myself, expressing concerns clearly, lovingly and gently. 
3.  Honoring the birth of Christ, the actual meaning of Christmas. 
4.  Expressing emotions. They included anger, sadness, depression and disappointment. These feelings were matched with joy, hope, trust, laughter, compassion, along with gentleness. 

     It's terrific to be in touch with my reactions and not be overwhelmed. 
5.  Observing my response while experiencing loss.  I felt God's comforting presence and was held together by my supportive network. 
6.  Several days of exceptional conversations with someone who is brilliant, kind, poetic and loving, in addition to being fearful. 
7.  Enjoying the first meal cooked for me by one of my sons.  It was superb. The time spent was special, fun, creating many pleasant memories. 
8. Sharing Christmas stories I've written with you the past few days. 

1.  Seeing many missing the meaning of Christmas. This isn't a season where the focus on material goods.  It's about God's gift for us---his Son---not the gifts we give or receive from others. 
2.  Coming to terms with changes that, without recovery, I'd resist. 
3.  I am not cycling as much as I want. 
4.  I am not going to sleep as early as I want. 

How About You? 
What have been your high and low points for the past seven days? 

I am still working on this.........

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