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An Un-American Concept, We Are Primarily Spiritual, Revisited ......... 12/9/14

Image: "Snowdonia: Nantgwynant" by Tim Blessed.
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        I am re-posting what you find below.  It is one of the all-time favorite posts written, number six.  You may not have read it yet or were not around when I wrote it three years ago, this last November.   Here it is:

        I'll share a few thoughts interspers-ed with recounting a day that was demanding, emotionally and mentally.

        I prefer days like these to be few and far between.  A calmer pace allows my
spirit to breathe easily.  Boring is good.  (You might also want to see this post or read here, for more antidotes for the disease of busyness.)  Today, that was not meant to be.
An Intense Day
       Early in the  morning (five a.m., to be exact) I studied, meditated and prayed.  At 8:00 a.m.  I had an intense, stimulating conversation while tired and under the influence of a prescription.  There were issues needing resolution with whom I spoke.

     A headache overwhelmed me while we addressed pragmatic, philosophical and clinical issues.  It wasn't easy, but the conversation was fruitful.  I held it together.  At the time, I realized the occasion was an opportunity to practice patience, gentleness and composure while emotionally worn out, physically stressed.  I got that the conversation was today's spiritual calisthenic, preparing me for what was to come.

       In the late morning, I  met with clients.  Afterwards, in the early afternoon, I met with someone I mentor. We addressed how this person can deal with the big "hurts" from his past. Today, every interaction was intense.  Not how I like it.  I avoid getting emotionally, physically depleted.

       Tonight, I changed my routine.  Spending the evening with someone, dining on Indian cuisine, seemed an attractive way to end the day.  At length, this person spoke; that was okay, it required less energy from me.  I was beat, bone weary.

 Our Nature Is Primarily Spiritual
         I expressed views not often heard in the San Francisco Bay Area.  I shared that our primary nature is spiritual.  Next, is our soulish side.  It comprises of our emotions, will and intellect.  Psuche is the word in Greek.  We get "psyche" in Latin, from it.  Third in importance is the physical, including our bodies (or the soma, a Greek word).

        I mentioned I feel our culture has it backwards.  We raise a big fuss about a person's looks---that's usually what grabs most people's attention.  Magazines, movies and the media place heavy emphasis on this part of ourselves.  I stated that our body is like the frame to a painting---it's primary purpose is drawing attention to what's inside: our spirit

       The Kim Kardashian fiasco with her first marriage points out that getting caught up with the frame is pointless, if it there isn't something of significance within.

       The person I shared dinner with holds of two masters degrees (one a MBA) and a PhD.  He mentioned a relative of his is a compulsive shopper, causing financial pressure within that family.  I said that the hole in our souls cannot be healed through tangible means, in this case, through incessant shopping.

Qualities of A Spiritual Awakening
        Our soul is restored when we have a spiritual awakening.  This doesn't happen through achievement or material means.  Being awakened---spiritually---allows us to know serenity while experiencing deeply felt joy at the same time. And the interesting thing is that having serenity is possible, even in the midst of stressful times---it transcends our circumstances.

        I mentioned that when we experience a spiritual regeneration we appreciate life, nature. We are less judgmental towards others and ourselves.  We enjoy spontaneity and exercise less fearful control.  We slow down and breathe, resting our heart, literally.

        He was silent after I said that.

How About You? 
1.  Do you think we are primarily physical, and spirituality is simply an add-on, an option to living?  Or do you think we are first spiritual---that our spirit wants to spread its wings within our corporal form?
3. When does a spiritual awakening look like for you? 

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