Tuesday, December 23

Arriving at Clarity... 12/23/14

Gratitudes For This Evening:
1.  Met with friends tonight.  Lovely.  The subject was one we all connected with: feelings.
2.  Visited Christmas Lane in the island town of Alameda.  A wonder for the eyes.
3.  This week is the

culmination of many weeks of patience.  I will enjoy the clarity and honesty of this time.  This will be two hallmarks of the conclusion of this year.
4.  I'm working on this year's Christmas story.  It's fun exercising creativity and wordsmithing.
5.  The meaning for this season.  Jesus.  Celebrating His birth, not gifts.
6.  I am thankful for the best year in my life. I have grown more this year than any other.
7.  I appreciate the ongoing growth in living life more richly.  Learning how to connect with others, not letting past baggage to interfere with my being present.
8.  I appreciate being able to express myself calmly, warmly and clearly while also being true to my values.
9.  I am grateful for the calmness I enjoy, even during highly stressful times or when I am with less than pleasant people.

How About You?
What are your gratitudes for this Christmas season?

Below is a musical treat celebrating this season.


Anonymous said...

THank you for the beautiful posting of O come O come Emmanuel ;)

I am thankful for many memories of our dear friend Lido....Nonno to my Son.....that we are preparing to celebrate his life on January 16th....it has been a very sad time for us and his amazing wife...Bonnie Joy

For good friends who know how much I love them and miss them

For my Son and his lovely appreciation of what his Mom sacrifices....he is truly my Gift

For a wonderful gift from my childhood friend who provided a ticket to go to Dallas/Frisco Texas to visit my lovely friend Robbyn for part of the holiday

And for the Reason for the Season....the Birth of Jesus and Celebrating this lovely time of year


Anonymous said...


Merry Christmas ;) WCP

Anonymous said...

The link is Mary Do You Know...by Pentatonix....it is amazing ;)


Pablo said...


I am sorry for not replying sooner. for some reason common, each time I tried replying---which was 3 times---what I wrote was erased. I'm glad today I'm able to post. Thank you for your comment and the link to the music. Isn't it terrific you were able to get away during the holiday season?

It's clear, you love your son, grateful for the gift he is for you. I hope this year you find the happiness and strength you need to deal with all that this year offers. Thank you for dropping by, reading and commenting!

The Innkeeper

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