Thursday, December 11

The Innkeeper Was A Burglar......... 12/11/14

     Yesterday I was a burglar.  At least two people thought I was.   I wasn't appre-hended.  As I type, I am not  handcuffed.  A fellow saw me, calling the owner of the house on her cell phone, while I made a visit.

      On the door, I rapped.  Since this event, I was told this is the burglar way.  This is what the police told the homeowner.  At least I did that right.

      Inside, the dog barked viciously, growling also.  Normally,
she's sweet with me.  Through doors, she can't see.  So, she made a ruckus instead, while I waited for someone to answer the door. 

      No one home.  I sat on the bench on the front porch, waiting a few minutes, hoping someone would pull up.  Some burglar I was.

      A neighbor across the street---the same fellow---crouched behind his car, checking me out, I found out later, from the one whose house it was.  Didn't even notice him. My warm smile must have looked vicious.  My slippers must have given away my evil intentions.  I walked there, two miles, from my place.  No car, no bags to pilfer things with, I came empty handed.

       Some burglar.

      In reality, I was locked out of my place, seeking help.  Upon not getting a response, I walked down the street, standing on the corner for ten minutes, hoping to catch the homeowner on her way home.  No luck.  The neighbor noted that behavior, too.

      Some burglar.

The value of being internally referented
     With a client soon coming to my locked-up home,  I trekked back, not knowing what I would do.  I would counsel with slippers on, wearing jeans, I guess.

      Distraught was the homeowner, after receiving news of my behavior.  She was disturbed that afternoon and evening.  She even sat across from me, later that night, with a black cloud sitting over her head.  Not even knowing I was the guy her neighbor reported.  I am a good and helpful friend of hers.

      She didn't know the truth about the incident until I spoke with her today, the next day.  I'm glad I did and she was super thrilled----elated, because no burglar attempted to pry into her home. Just an innkeeper needing help.

     The lesson?  How about this, and it is important:

      Our projections---the way we interpret data---is dangerous for our emotional health.  Without being present, we easily let the fears that run through our minds to define our perception of reality, when our conclusions can be entirely false, misguided.  It's our way of trying to make sense of the world. It's also ineffective and misery producing.  Not only to ourselves, but others.

    Better, is simply looking at what we observe and speak from that perspective.  In Wednesday's case, that a fellow knocked on the door, sat and waited awhile, then left.  If we believe our interpretations this interferes with our ability to experience what is actually occurring.  Yesterday, I walked over to see if I could use her phone to get help, and get back into my house.

     When we believe our interpretations, we are responding to our interpretation of the events  or of another person's actions instead of what is truly transpiring.

My Gratitudes:
1.  I am not a burglar.  :->
2.  I exercised, walking four miles yesterday.
3.  That I called my friend who owned the house I visited.  She was relieved of her fears. Letting her know what happened provided her the sense of safety and security she values.
4.  I get to talk to the best person in the world on Sunday.
5.  Making plans to visit Ireland and Europe, among other places, soon.
6.  Had a fine time with a friend this afternoon.  I cooked a meal for the two of us.
7.  Had a special time with someone. I actually cried, twice, as I supported her regarding her struggles. (Different person.)
8.  I slept in today!!!  An eight o'clock in the morning appointment was rescheduled.

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